will the ninja do it?

Question by vf29_sandman: will the ninja do it?
since 1957, the sportster has been spankin big twin’s azz, and was at once time a terror on the track. out of any bike made, i have yet to hear of any having the same longevity as the sportster. will the ninja-250 or 500 be able to match it?
and when i say ‘match it’, being in production for no less than 50 years.

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Answer by rifleman01@verizon.net
Sure. When someone teaches the pig to fly, or the horse to sing, etc. Anyone who keeps on riding one of them crotch rockets is just afraid of a real bike. Most of them will “graduate” to a HOG. (The ones with the bigger sack, that is.)

In addition, I don’t think anything under 883 cubes should be classified as a bike. Moped on steroids, maybe. and you are correct, I don’t wave at rice. I don’t drink or hang out with thtem either. I “outgrew” the boy-racer thing long ago, If I ever did it in the first place, which I doubt.

And I never, ever heard heard of rice groupies. Groupies are a nice bonus with the HOG. You can even look ugly like me!

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We went and dumped the black powder inside of a model rocket’s engine and lit it on fire. Didn’t turn out to badly, as it would seem.

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  1. RuneAmok says:

    What’s it matter? I ride for fun without giving a thought to silly traditions, history or status.

    Vroom vroom.

  2. toyracer49 says:

    First lets clarify that only the Sportster name has been around for 50 years…….
    Ironhead, 1957-1970 900 cc, and 1971-85 1000 cc
    Evolution, 1986-present, 883, 1100 and 1200 cc

    Second that the Ninja is highly unlikely to ever match that. The Sportster had a huge head start. Though it’s been in production for over 20 years, the Ninja 250 will likely be dropped at some point for a model with newer technology. Even though it still has competitive performance and sales for it’s class. And can outperform a Sportster. That certainly doesn’t mean that they can’t change engines like Harley did with the Sportster retain the name Ninja, and go on from there.

    Third…. out of any bike made having the same longevity as the Sportster, It’s already happened….. The Honda 100 can be traced all the way back to 1953 when Honda made their first 90cc 4-stroke single. The model is still in production over 50 years later. There’s another model that’s only one year behind…..The Honda Super Cub, Honda Cub is a 49cc 4-stroke model first manufactured by the Honda Motor Co. Ltd. in 1958, and the biggest selling motorcycle of all time. More than 50 million Honda 50’s have been sold. The model is still in production almost 50 years later.

    As for you Rifleman…. why you gotta be like this? I’ve got a lot of “Biker” buddies. Ironically some may be your friends too. They like me… and my “crotch rocket”. We all ride together. I’m not afraid of you or your “real bikes”. Maybe you’d like to spend some more time in the can. I will never “graduate” to a HOG. I’m simply not as “intelligent” as you. I think I waved at you the other day…. but you didn’t wave back. : ( Why don’t ya chill so maybe WE could go have a beer or two?

    The Sportster is still a terror on the track! The XR750 that debuted in 1972 is still the dominant force in 1/2 mile & Mile dirt track racing today. Against Aprilla, Suzuki, Honda, and Ducati in recent years.

    Edit: “RICE GROUPIES”………..

  3. Gabriel says:

    Rifleman: Old man, you wouldn’t making ignorant claims about the size of ones “sack” if you came face to face with myself and a few of the guys I ride with. People like you can talk all the sh*t in the world, then wave & smile as you pass people like me on the road. Don’t lie and claim that you don’t, ’cause people can see right through your rhetoric…and what they see are inane talking points. Nothing more. Nobody listens to the old “real riders ride Harley’s” b/s anymore… because there are SO many better bikes out there, cruisers & rockets. Try this: start flicking off every sportbike you pass on the street… and we’ll see how “tough” you think you are when a real biker gang – carrying more guns than you can possibly imagine – follows you home and riddles you with lead. I’m not one of those bikers, and I don’t wish you any ill will; but believe me, there are far too many of them out there. I’ve met plenty, and they are truly some crazy f*ckers.

    My old man lent me his Screamin’ Eagle a few years back, for a 2-up trip with my wife to Las Vegas. Going in a straight line for a thousand miles was just exhilarating, I tell ya. I must have been crazy for not getting into that kind of riding sooner…

    I won’t say that it wasn’t comfortable, quite the opposite actually. I was so damn comfortable that I actually wanted to take a nap and let cruise control take over. Some “quality” riding, let me tell ya (again)… So yeah, Harley’s have their advantages. Your ass & back feel great after long rides, but on the other hand…you also risk getting bed sores by the time you get there. Conversely, riding sportbikes has plenty of advantages too…depending on your riding capability, mindset, and whatever you conceptualize “a pure adrenaline rush” as being.

    Also keep in mind that you old farts are dying off quicker than you’re being replaced. Now, most Harley riders are 40-something year old yuppies, who only ride after Sunday church…IF that. Check out the statistics for how many people are getting into sportbike racing and similar motor sports. You’re being outnumbered, Jed! Watch your mouth, because you aren’t being viewed as the “dangerous” and “intimidating” outlaws that you ONCE were. You’re becoming senile, cantancerous and miserable old geezers…AND WE SEE IT! Don’t get yourself hurt because you’re still stuck on a dying fad.

    As for the likelihood that Kawasaki Ninjas will surpass the longevity of the sportsters of old… only time will tell. I see Italy becoming a bigger part of the overall sportbike theme in the future, and if they play their cards better and start marketing to your average riders, then they’ll start giving Japan a run for their money in terms of bikes being sold. I’m looking forward to finding the answer for this question…

    …in about 50 years! Good question, though.

  4. izarkstan r says:

    actually, the engine fuel itself makes a way better explosive when crushed,
    why are you just burning the parachute ejection powder?

  5. the_danks says:

    Someone needs to learn to tie there shoes. lol

  6. qwertypoopbath says:

    If you have a fully built model rocket and put a lit match to the engine,
    it will probably attempt to fly. If you have the engine alone, my idea is
    that it will shoot off in a random direction and break something

  7. qwertypoopbath says:

    My friends, not mine

  8. qwertypoopbath says:

    Well if the engine is used, it won’t do anything. If you mean lighting an
    entire model rocket engine on fire, then its probably going to spark out
    the hole and go flying off. It’ll probably break something

  9. airplanefreaks says:

    I have a rocket engine that I’ve used. I want to find out what happens when
    I light it on fire.

  10. EntertaynMe says:

    So what if I just light the engine itself? Will it fly off or explode

  11. snaplaxer says:

    @qwertypoopbath haha i just looked to see who u were, and just watched this
    video. My friend and i use to do stuff like this all the time. you got a
    nice explosion here so idk this video is cool.

  12. wyatt floyd says:

    Tie your god damned shoes

  13. qwertypoopbath says:

    @snaplaxer not my comment actually, i found it on another video and posted
    it here. it was a lie, also, the next day my mom shouted at me. what you
    think of my channel though, i notice you seem to be stalking me >.>

  14. Dangscraightsparkles says:

    your shoe is un-tied.

  15. qwertypoopbath says:

    did i really upload this back in APRIL!?!?!?

  16. snaplaxer says:

    @qwertypoopbath false, i did notice that you skipped 3 and 8, and there
    were only ten facts FAIL AT COUNTING

  17. qwertypoopbath says:

    @Minecraftdj01 ok, but one mess up and your getting banned again. pm me,
    dont post on my youtube

  18. qwertypoopbath says:

    @Dangscraightsparkles my friends shoe is untied

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