Why was a safety code for rockets developed?? WHY??

Question by kb: Why was a safety code for rockets developed?? WHY??

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The hobby’s excellent safety record is solidly rooted in a successful Safety Code program. The NAR Safety Codes are made up of about a dozen simple, common-sense rules and guidelines, and are included with every kit, engine, and catalog sold in the US. General sport rocketry is distinct from “amateur rocketry,” which is generally recognized as anything involving design and manufacture of non-commercial motors and propellants, or rockets whose construction is not in conformance with the NAR Safety Codes. Amateur activity is coordinated by the Rocket Research Institute, an unaffiliated organization.

The NAR created and maintains three Rocket Safety Codes:

The Model Rocket Safety Code
The High Power Rocket Safety Code
The Radio Control Rocket Glider Safety Code

Each code was developed with input from sport rocket flyers, industry experts, professional engineers, scientists and public safety officials. In many cases, extensive experimental testing and analysis was done to enhance previous code versions. The NAR constantly reviews its Safety Codes for adjustment due to changes in technology and public policy.

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