Why do people think buying hunting stuff from Wal Mart is bad?

Question by jOrDaN: Why do people think buying hunting stuff from Wal Mart is bad?
i dint get it isn’t it all the same brand ordered from the same companies its not like wal mart brand but i just dont get it

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Answer by jesse
The best price for ammo. If they have what you want and the brand you want,not bad. Just buy where you want.

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34 comments on “Why do people think buying hunting stuff from Wal Mart is bad?
  1. Fred P says:

    i love walmart for pistol ammo and 12 guage everything else for rifles is to expensive i get some of my cleaning stuff there to i wouldnt buy any guns from them though

  2. James M says:

    wal-marts evil…havent you heard?

  3. Master T says:

    The failed logic here is that Walmart is some sort of blood sucking corporate vampire that steals jobs from the community. The idea is that when Walmart opens, then people are going to go there and spend their money on hunting gear instead of supporting the local mom and pop run sporting goods store.

    Well…I got news for you. That just isn’t so. Walmart completely stopped selling firearms in most of their stores. And, those stores that still do sell firearms have a pretty thin offering. Sure, if you want some polymer-stocked el cheapo rifle or shotgun for $ 350, then Walmart can help you out. But, if you’re looking for something “nice” then Walmart simply won’t have it. Remington Express shotguns? Sure! Remington Wingmaster shotguns? Nope…gotta go to Joe’s Gun Shop for that one.

    Do you want some cheap Herman’s Survivor boots to hunt in? Walmart’s got ’em. Would you prefer to some well made and durable Chippewa boots? That requires you to find a genuine sporting goods or footware retailers. Looking for some 308 ammo? Walmart’s got that too. Want some 250 Savage ammo instead? Sorry, once again, you have to go to a real gun shop.

    I have no problem with Walmart. They only compete for the base-line items. For example. I can find some auto accessories at Walmart, but when I wanted to repair the rusted fenders on my pick-up truck, Walmart did not sell the Bondo products that I needed. So, I had to go to a full service auto parts store that had what I needed.

    EDIT: Did you ever notice how many handicapped people Walmart employs? No, I am not making fun of their employees, I am just saying…I’ve literally seen “store greeters” that were in motorized gurneys, and it looked like they had spina bifida (a birth defect). Walmart is giving these people an opporunity to get out of their homes and actually earn a meager living. Would I call it a living wage? Nope. But, they are doing at least some good for some folks that have nowhere else to go.

    Once again, Walmart merely provides the absolute lower level of “stuff” that people want or need. Years ago, I went through a sort of second childhood phase where I bought a model rocket kit from the Walmart toy section. I got so wrapped-up in the hobby that I started building other model rockets…only I had to go to a genuine “hobby shop” to find what I wanted. By simply browsing through Walmart, I got turned-on to a new hobby that eventually led to increased business at the mom and pop hobby store near me. Should they complain? The same is true of outdoor sports. A beginning shooter might be just fine with buying a Remington 870 Express shotgun from Wally World for $ 250. But, once they get hooked on trap, skeet or sporting clays, don’t you think they are going to want a Browning Citori in a year or two? Walmart won’t be selling them that $ 1,500 Citori, but Jack’s Gun Shop will….and they have Walmart to thank for bringing them the new business.

  4. Newell says:

    Wal Mart is anti union. If you believe in Unions like me, you will not buy from Wal Mart. I am a public school teacher with a union. I make more than twice as much as a private school teacher without a union. If you hate unions, then shop there. I have a lot of friends who absolutely hate unions. They love Wal Mart.

  5. G21.45 says:

    Wal-Mart, Inc. isn’t a corporate vampire that sucks the economic life-blood out of a community and destroys everyone’s formerly good paying jobs? Hmmm, …… I didn’t know that. ­čśë

    Wal-Mart still sells firearms in many of its stores. Firearms were only dropped in those stores that didn’t sell enough of them to warrant the additional paperwork and recordkeeping. I agree with the remark about Wal-Mart rifle ammo being too expensive. I’ll add that I, too, buy much of my range ammo from Wal-Mart; or, at least, I used to until they significantly raised their prices for the same old crappy range ammo.

    Sure you can, or could, buy pistol ammo at Wal-Mart. What you couldn’t buy is QUALITY pistol ammo at any price. (‘Always the lowest price – Always!’) If I still hunted, which I don’t, I’d have no objection to getting my gear at Wal-Mart; and, yes, Wal-Mart may indeed be the best place to buy shotgun shells.

  6. Brian S says:

    I think buying anything from wal-mart is bad, not just because they are blood sucking corporate vampires but they don’t provide a living wage or competitive benefits to their employees and any employee that tries to get them is fired.

    They do seem to get “factory seconds” in many cases with their products but the cheap ammo they sell seems reliable.

  7. Straight Westcoastin' says:

    A lot of those are the same people who drive a Porsche Cayenne to the range and have a $ 1200 pistol and a spotting scope more expensive than most people’s entire hunting rifle collection.

    Nothing wrong with having nice stuff, I am a capitalist after all, but some of these people are just plain SNOBS.

    Nothing wrong with Wal-Mart. Why would I pay $ 24 for a box of 45 ACP at ‘Joe’s’ when I can get 100 rounds for $ 32? For all I know Joe’s wife and kids and parents all work at Wal-Mart anyway.

  8. mack_9 says:

    I don’t know about hunting stuff, but for some power tools, companies make models that are sold only at Walmart. They look similar to models available at other outlets, but some of the parts are unique to the model from Walmart. I buy hunting stuff at Walmart, but if the local gun store is even close, I will buy it there.

  9. eugene says:

    Here’s the best reason why not to buy hunting equipment at Wally-world – they buy the bottom-of-the-barrel stuff. Many manufacturers give their product a grade when it comes through quality control. Grade A would be the best quality. Grade B, a few blemishes, minor defects. Grade C would be the worst quality. That’s the grade that Wal-Mart buys. There was a recall on Weatherby Vanguards a few years back and guess what? Only the rifles sold at Wal-Mart were the ones recalled.

  10. nerdragefallout3 says:

    the theme is from´╗┐ space odessey the old movie

  11. MultiTestPage says:

    That is 500-600ft tops, not 1,000ft. I have one myself that only goes 922ft on a G80 motor. At least that is what´╗┐ the altimeter says.

  12. yuruany arrieta says:

    wow very sweet dude but u should put how u made it is´╗┐ aweesome ­čśë

  13. weirdone17 says:

    u should have made a chute deploy with´╗┐ an apogee detector so you could recreate this wonderous moment….. lol

  14. SIERRAHPBT says:

    wheres the chute?´╗┐

  15. 237rascalflatts says:

    kick ass´╗┐

  16. Sambo Conservative says:

    you can buy it´╗┐ at your local hobby store, i got mine at Hobby Wholesale if you live in canada, if not then just look around for it at other hobby stores

  17. Lullapulluda says:

    thanks you for choosing the best song for ANY rocket´╗┐ based video. No wonder stanley kubrick chose it for 2001: A Space Odyssey!
    great vid

  18. snarfbot says:


  19. RocketDude92 says:

    that was really cool. you should make the´╗┐ technical drawings of everything to build it and sell it.

  20. jacktheripped says:

    using fins that far forward is a bad idea, it moves the center of pressure´╗┐ foward and you want it back. leave them off of future projects.

    Rockets that have forward fins have active guidance so if the go off direction they can correct them selves.

    The only way around that is to use lots of weight in the nose to move the center of gravity ahead of the center of pressure

  21. Underland TV says:

    Thx to the russians we enjoy these things today, god bless!´╗┐

  22. sonicfan1234100 says:


  23. journeyquest1 says:

    No chute eh?´╗┐

  24. anduril9969 says:


  25. RaccoonGoon93 says:

    Haha, me and my gramps put D engines in a little 20 dollar Estes rocket (Total # of flights-4) Ya, we never saw it´╗┐ again.

  26. mehtol says:

    nice but i´╗┐ wanna hear the sound of take off ­čÖü

  27. enginecontrol32 says:

    watch it have traveled to another country and they have´╗┐ been planning to go to war with us but are waiting for a second one to hit their turf. hahaha

  28. Maxi B says:

    very good!!´╗┐

  29. douhnutz says:

    so it´╗┐ can go faster then blow up. duh……

  30. skinnywhop87 says:

    My father and I built one pbly 10 years ago, it had 2 stage D-Rockets…… Needless to say we only had it for only one launch…… lol Avoid D engines if you´╗┐ take the time and care about the rocket you build, those things are powerful and WILL give any model rocket enough thrust to get out of sight, lol let alone 2 stages of them. We predict it probably went about 1600 feet up, the nose cone and chutes pbly failed to open and it mostlikely either impaled itself or shattered somewhere

  31. flightsimx65 says:

    why does it have´╗┐ 3 engines?

  32. Ulsoro says:

    wow´╗┐ nice ! gj

  33. John Lightning LaJoie says:

    I didn’t buy this, I made´╗┐ it out of household stuff

  34. Ulsoro says:

    where´╗┐ did u buy this :O ?

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