Who would win, The Punisher or Spiderman?

Question by Brian: Who would win, The Punisher or Spiderman?

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Answer by Lynn
The Punisher…he’s way tougher and ANGRY 🙂

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11 comments on “Who would win, The Punisher or Spiderman?
  1. munnkei says:

    Spiderman! He rocks!!

  2. Jackson The God says:

    Punisher he can stalk you

  3. piscess86 says:

    Spiderman there’s no doubt!

  4. itachi says:

    off course it is spider man…… he can kick his **** out

  5. Walter C Vaughn III says:

    We could reword this like this..

    Who would win, Man or a super hero? I take it you see my point.

  6. shutuprandy1 says:


  7. buzzbazooka says:

    Well, punisher actually have tried in the past and failed.
    There IS a “what if” story where punisher made it ,but he got the whole superhero community on his tail after that and it ended badly.
    What it boiles down to is that as long as spidey has his spider sense, he will always win a sniper attack, and as long as he has his strenght and agility he will win a close attack.

  8. wolfmano says:

    It’s kind of hard to stalk someone who has a 6th sence of danger. here’s what would happen.

    “The media had painted Spider-Man a menace for years, it would only stand to reason that a man so obsessed with vengance would see this and come gunning for him. When Frank Castles family was killed in a crossfire between two rival gangs he decided that he would take it upon himself to become their judge, jury and executioner. He became the Punisher. Having thwarted two muggings and a bank robbery Peter decided to call it a day, as he swung through the cavernous streets of New York his spider sence kicked in with great alarm. letting go of his webline he fell from view just as a rocket propelled grenade slammed into the building directly behind where he was. He stuck to the shadows sending waves of spider sence washing over the location. Just then a figure in a long flowing trenchcoat jumped into view, he had nightvision goggles situated firmly on his face”There you are…Menace!” he shouted. From his work at the Bugel Peter knew who it was, the skull on his chest a dead givaway.”Castle what are you doing you psycho, people could have gotten hurt!” “That building was abandoned wallcrawler, this time don’t move!” Peter flipped skyward and landed high on the side of a building. “What did i just say!” Castle shouted. Pulling a gun from his bag he fired at the wall above Spider-Man, raining down a slick oily cunk. His grip lost spider-man fell to the ground with a hard thud. He landed inches away from castle who pulled a rather large handgun from behind his back and placed it directly on peters temple. “Say goodbye menace!” Peters mind raced in a flash he had surveyed the surrounding area and saw his escape. He fired a webshot past castle and hooking a metal trashcan pulled it with all his strength it soared through the air and slammed into the back of castles buzz-cut head. He fell to the ground slipping in and out of consciousness. Peter stood above him “You kinow, you shouldn’t always believe what you read in the tabloids, think about that for an hour or so.” Peter webbed him up in a web caccoon and hung him from a nearby light post. An hour later peter returned but all that remained was the web caccoon slashed to pieces with a note that read simply “Next Time”

    The End? Hope you like it.

  9. SteveA8 says:

    Considering that Spiderman once pounded Firelord into unconsciousness, I’d have to put my money on Spidey. It’s true that in the past, the Punisher has laid traps for and tricked Spidey enough to slow him down, but the Punisher has not, nor should he ever, win a decisive fight with Spiderman

  10. emucompboy says:

    The Punisher is a character from the Spider-man comic books, and every time they’ve fought, Spider-man won.

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