Who are the most brutal hockey fans in the NHL.?

Question by Tim Fitz: Who are the most brutal hockey fans in the NHL.?
Which fans would you think are the most brutal hockey fans in the the NHL.

Where the most riots occured from hockey fans.

I got a toss up between Montreal Canadien fans and Toronto Maple Leaf fans.

Best answer:

Answer by Teal Town USA

Loyal Fans with stupid minds!

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12 comments on “Who are the most brutal hockey fans in the NHL.?
  1. Kate (Snoopbunny) says:

    Flyers fans are pretty brutal…to me anyways. I’ve almost gotten beaten up a couple of times by some…..but maybe it’s my big mouth.

  2. Avs Fan 94 says:

    Without a doubt- TORONTO!

  3. playboysnoop509 says:

    Avalanche Fans!

    Yeah, try going to the Pepsi Center in a wings jersey during the WCF. now that was HELL.

  4. 2eighty8 V2.0 (Snooper) says:

    Well….considering only Montreal is the only city who riots after a first round win, causing $ 500,000 worth of damages on sixteen police cuisers ALONE (never mind the one civilian vehicle, and ten buildings that were damaged or destroyed)….

    Oh, but these were only a “few” people who “weren’t Habs fans” based on the sole “fact” that they “weren’t wearing Habs t-shirts,” I guess that just blows my argument out the window.

    Kate….you sure they were from Toronto? lol

  5. cdn24fan says:

    Does riots imply brutal fans?

    Or does throwing beer at players imply brutal?

    Or does not having a clue imply brutal?

    Or does beating up some kid in the visitors jersey?

    Interesting toss up Mtl and TO, they also have the most cup and I assume series wins as you only need a series win to riot now.

  6. The Dead Horse Lover (King) says:

    In my opinion..

    All 5 of the Atlantic Division teams,Montreal,Toronto,Mike Milbury.

  7. Snoop Loblaw says:

    Montreal has a long history of tearing the city apart.

    Of course there was the “Rocket riots.”

    They also rioted in 1993….AND 1986. Here’s the stories….

    The Rocket Richard Riot(1955)
    One of the most famous riots in Canadian sports history was precipitated by a violent incident in Boston on March 13, 1955. During a game between the Bruins and the Canadiens, Maurice “Rocket” Richard smashed three hockey sticks over the back and head of Bruins defenceman Hal Laycoe in retaliation for an earlier incident in which Laycoe had given Richard a cut to the head that required eight stitches. Then Richard punched linesman Cliff Thompson in the face. League president Clarence Campbell suspended the Rocket for the rest of the season and the playoffs.
    Four days later, against the advice of League officials and police, Campbell showed up at the Canadiens’ first home game since the suspension. He came in late, with his young girlfriend on his arm. His appearance sent the crowd into a fury. They threw tomatoes, eggs, shoes and bottles. One fan managed to slip by security and punch the League president. At the end of the first period, someone threw a smoke bomb in the Forum, which resulted in fans streaming out onto Ste-Catherine Street, where they joined up with hundreds of protestors who were gathered in front of the building. The crowd smashed windows, threw bricks and set fires. The riot lasted for seven hours. By the time it ended, 12 police officers and 25 civilians were injured, and 70 people had been arrested.

    The Montreal Stanley Cup Riot(1993)
    You would think that, by the time the Montreal Canadiens had won the Stanley Cup a record 24 times, their fans would have learned how to celebrate peacefully. But given their behaviour after the Habs’ last two victories, that doesn’t appear to be the case. In 1986, 5,000 people rampaged through downtown Montreal following the team’s victory over Calgary. So poorly prepared were the Montreal police to stop the violence that Quebec courts ruled the police criminally negligent. So, with the Canadiens poised to win another Cup on June 9, 1993, Montreal authorities deployed close to 1,000 police officers, many of them helmeted riot troopers. It was not enough. Moments after the game ended, thousands of people descended onto Ste-Catherine Street, setting bonfires, overturning cars, breaking windows and looting stores. By the next morning, 15 city buses and 47 police cars had been destroyed, 168 people had been injured, including 49 police officers, and 115 people were in jail. Damage was estimated at more than $ 10 million. Few people could argue with Montreal mayor Jean Doré’s assessment of it as “a regretful and appalling situation.”

  8. lae says:

    toronto maple leafs fans…i don’t discount the rioting montrealers, but they’ve won.

    tml fans are brutal because we’ve been bamboozled for so long (even before i was born) by incompetent mlse, and fans still love them and will die/stand by them. i don’t get it…but then again i’m a leafs fan…there’s nothing to get. blue & white!

  9. webbington says:

    defiantly a Canadian team. Calgary or Montreal.

  10. Mathew H says:

    any team from the sun-belt.

    I don’t disagree that many do know the game… but when Pheonix got a team they needed to post the rules up so people would know what’s going on…. I mean come on.

    To the respondent that said a Canadian team… how are Canadian fans brutal? Becuase we actually know and comprehend what’s going on in a hockey game?

  11. kmnmiamisax says:

    Redwings fans… they sacrifice an octopus every playoff game! poor octupi! lol!

  12. Pat says:

    I think it’s a toss up between Philly and Montreal fans!

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