Where can I get long 1/2″ diameter cardboard tubing?

Question by Earstealer: Where can I get long 1/2″ diameter cardboard tubing?
It is for building model rockets. I think the prices they are charging at the hobby stores and online are totally out of hand.
Any help will be greatly appreciated!

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Answer by Mike1942f
First of all, if you check, I think you will find it is bigger than that (at least O.D.)
Second – can you think of any other use for small diameter cardboard tubing?
I can’t, so the stuff is custom made for rocket building.
If you want you can get a wooden dowel and roll paper around it to desired thickness, gluing along the way (spray glue works good) and then gluing the final edge. Again, check the size of the motors, etc. before buying a 1/2″ dowel – may be 5/8″

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DIY Pulse jet model rocket part 3, first flight!

http://www.amazingdiyprojects.com First flight (ever?) of a valveless pulse jet model rocket. Some design modifications are necessary before next flight.
Video Rating: 5 / 5

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20 comments on “Where can I get long 1/2″ diameter cardboard tubing?
  1. Nander0 says:

    So the V1 as a modelrocket :D! 

  2. peter kao says:

    try to put the tx rx on the rocket so it can go a few thousand feet.

  3. xmodalloy says:

    Awesome to see new videos from you! I love your creativity of all your
    projects, who would’ve thought that some Styrofoam insulation could be made
    into a very nice boat!?! Take care!

  4. seypto says:

    I want one. Do you sell it or the plans?

  5. amazingdiyprojects says:

    Im working on a building instruction.

  6. porousorifice says:

    We have liftoff ! The thrust to weight ratio seems good, especially for a
    valveless. Nice work! Hope to see it in the air again. peace

  7. Samncrash says:

    That was bad ass!! Bzzzzzz bzzzz bzzz sounds cool

  8. EddieVanHalen1977 says:

    Wow. I love all the camera angles. It was awesome to get all that on film.

  9. amazingdiyprojects says:

    You know it! I’m currently conducting R&D work on a significantly more
    powerful valveless pulse jet rocket propelled by a ”thermonese” style

  10. th3runn3r says:

    Why does it took almost three years before publishing? (I saw the date on
    the vidéo, it was 2008)

  11. ForboGrC says:

    du har en pulsejet med 4kg+ thrust, med electric valve controlling… visa
    os lite mer experiment med den…

  12. Rocketryman says:

    You are the man! How do I get one! 🙂

  13. MrBen527 says:

    Nice job man!

  14. Samncrash says:

    You did better than North Korea

  15. Robert Maddox says:

    Thats really cool man, good job! I’ve been going to put fins on one of my
    300 pound thrust jets to make a rocket for a youtube show, will get to that
    soon. Thanks, Bob Maddox

  16. TheProsessor says:

    make a jet pack using these..

  17. PyroJoeSal says:

    Very good work! Have been looking forward to see this one take to the sky.

  18. flamedrag18 says:

    well, that’s amazing 😀

  19. jag9998 says:

    It doesn’t look quite powerful enough to keep itself stable, but it would
    probably make an excellent sustainer after an initial rocket boost.

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