Where can I find a good hobby?

Question by TheMAN!: Where can I find a good hobby?
I’m not really into sports and I read about a kid who done wrestling, however I’m not majorly strong, nor do I think wrestling is that big in England, I don’t know anyone who wrestles.

I would like to have a hobby because it’s what I need: meet new people, have fun, take my mind off things, doing something I enjoy, but I’ve never had a hobby really. What would be a good hobby for a 15 year old? I’m not rich either.

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Answer by funkadelicia
are you referring to the wrestling they do in the Olympics, or the pro wrestling? you can do the first by joining the wrestling team at your high school or at the Y.

i have heard of kids making their own wrestling rings in backyard, complete with their own federation and championship belt made of cardboard. this can be very dangerous. the pro wrestlers go to wrestling school where they learn how to make the moves properly. kids were hurt doing piledrivers and clotheslines. Mr. Ventura called pro wrestling ballet with violence in his book.

skip the violence,. you can watch it on TV, pay per view or on DVD.

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  1. Bart Hennin says:

    If you want something fun and unique one exciting thing comes to mind…Model Rocketry!

    Model rocketry is the hobby of building and flying model rockets. They can go anywhere from several hundred to several thousand feet in altitude at speeds upwards of 300 mph! Most hobby stores have these models for sale. Estes and Quest are the 2 main suppliers of model rocket related kits and items.

    As you gain experience with the hobby, you can even create your own model rocket designs rather than building the pre-made kits. There are computer programs to help you design, predict the flight characteristics of your models.

    Google “model rocketry” for a TON of sites and clubs that will have all the info you need.

    Also visit your local library or bookstore and get your hands on the book called Handbook of Model Rocketry, by G. Harry Stine …this is the bible of model rocketry.

    To look at a great site immediately and get tons of info on how to start, go to http://www.apogeerockets.com/

    Explore the links and the site but be sure to click on “downloads” and select “video: getting started in rocketry”

    Hope this helps, let me know what you think!

  2. Ben A says:

    i have a boat, if u have a spare £150,000.00 you could get a nice 5 year old one / get a dinghy or if your really poor get a canoe

  3. nfsgt500 says:

    The recovery system did deploy but the parachute wasn’t packed properly

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