where can i find a crotch rocket my 14 year old son?

Question by Dylan: where can i find a crotch rocket my 14 year old son?
he has ridden the mini crotch rockets and they are too small
we seen one about a 250cc at out campground and they guy let him sit on it and it fit like mine used to fit me before i sold it
my son is 5’3″ and 110pounds
please help he really wants one and he already has the race gear(he thinks he’s gonna race)

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Answer by @|_3* |$ 7|-|3 |\|@^^3
is he even allowed to? i guess it depends on what state ur in but here (CA) u cant ride a bike on the street until 16.

but i guess if its for racing that may be diff….idk

look at the kawasaki ninja 250, its a nice bike


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This video shown the process of making a rocket using matchstick and aluminum foil. These rockets are small and fun the play with. By performing this experim…

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26 comments on “where can i find a crotch rocket my 14 year old son?
  1. high-point firearms says:

    dude go to this website minipocketrockets.com it gives the mesurments on it thats where i got my bike

  2. piripepeno says:

    grc.nasa. gov/WW W/K-12/TRC/ Rockets/match_rocke t.html NASA xD

  3. Tater curns says:

    it says how to make a match rocket but doesnt show hot to make it?????

  4. jai singh malhotra says:

    very cool

  5. Rishi Balasaria says:

    I have answer your question in the description 🙂

  6. Rishi Balasaria says:

    The “metal thingy” is just a paper clip. It’s sole purpose is to give direction and a foundation to the rocket. By bending the paperclip at different angles (to the horizontal) one can adjust how far or how high the rocket will go.

  7. John Backs says:

    Its a paper clip. I have a question. How does it work?

  8. Sir Jew says:

    I’m curious do you need that metal thingy you got there to work?

  9. Rishi Balasaria says:

    Ya 🙂 Daft punk! Rock!

  10. gentleshadow25 says:

    Nice music choice

  11. Rishi Balasaria says:

    Try till you get it. If its burning that means that you hadn’t wrapped it properly (number of turns and pressure applied). After a few trials you will get a feel of the amount of foil needed, the ideal position to wrap the foil around on the matchstick, pressure needed in the wrapping and the desired angle of elevation (ideal is 45degrees for max range). Follow the video again carefully reading the instructions.A little experimentation and you should get it right 😀 best of luck 🙂

  12. jayveers16js says:

    Mine just burnt :/

  13. Esmeralda Magana says:

    this is way much easier then the other videos i have seen .Awesome video

  14. edilebert says:


  15. gajendra shrestha says:


  16. Rishi Balasaria says:

    Thank you so much! comments like these give a great deal of happiness 😀

  17. Rishi Balasaria says:

    yes. you just wrap it real hard on the head of the matchstick 😀

  18. Davin says:

    How do you do this? Do you just wrap it in foil?

  19. manIMalSpAM says:

    Around the world

  20. Rishi Balasaria says:

    the songs “Around the world” by daft punk 😀

  21. Richard Nguyen says:

    The song??? Plz tell the song

  22. 1bushcraftboy says:


  23. Nathan Pew says:

    You should do a beater job explaining.

  24. Jess Scobie says:

    beast of a rocket

  25. Rishi Balasaria says:

    atleast 4.5 to 5 feet far, but its tremendous fun to play with 😀

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