What should I do about this? I can’t help it.?

Question by ajf12s: What should I do about this? I can’t help it.?
I just turned 14 years old and I am supposed to be in 8th grade but I am in 9th because I skipped a grade. Almost every day i get something about my height. I love to play basketball and I am extremely good at it. I still get picked last and get made fun of on the courts, even though I’m better than them. They call me “little kid”, “midget” or things like that. I’m only 5’2” and I know I am going to grow to 5’10” when I grow older because thats what the doctor said, but I don’t know how much I can put up with. One time, I even started crying about it when I got home.

When people make fun of me, I try to laugh and play it off. But, then they keep doing it more, and more. I can’t deal with this any longer. I’m getting more and more depressed everyday..

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Answer by The Rabbi
Tell your parents and get help at learning to deal with your situation. Maybe the school needs to have an assembly about picking on kids.

Those kids are real stupid and completely void of any decency.

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4 comments on “What should I do about this? I can’t help it.?
  1. OliveRuth says:

    Stop giving them so much power…remember that you will grow, that you are one year younger…that these people are shallow and inconsiderate..AND while it doesnt help today…you wont have to deal with them much longer…I know..I know…it seems like forever, but you are only a teenager for a short period of time in your life…and you get YEARS to be an adult…be above them, take the high road..be better than them….and know it will end…

  2. Amaebi says:

    the tough part about growing up and being a teenager is that people are mean. kids are mean. and they are just plain stupid for making fun of others. what idiots…

    you are fine the way you are. in fact, in almost every aspect of our lives, the entire world is rooting for the underdog.

    i am also 5’2″ and i’m small but that’s also a source of strength for me. i’m small, but there’s a lot that comes in this package! it makes me try to move that must faster, be that much smarter…

    …the most awesome, astonishing basketball players are the shorter ones, because they can hang with all the monster tall guys. that’s admirable. you are admirable for hanging in there. plus you’re still growing! i’ve stopped growing. +P basketball ain’t all about height, that’s what these ignorant people making fun of you don’t realize. they just want to flaunt their height cuz they ain’t got nothin’ else going. +P

    btw, i think it’s awesome that you’re so smart you skipped a grade. that’s much more valuable and admirable than being tall for your age. you’re already ahead of these guys, don’t let their comments bother you.

  3. "O" says:

    Here is my advice, don’t worry about them at all. When you get out of high school and go to college you will never see those people again. I went to high school with 2000 people. I graduated in 94 and can honestly say out of that 2000 I have seen maybe 20 of them again. That’s 1%. So when you go to school tomorrow remember that you will only see 1% of those people again in a few years so what they say and do does not matter.

  4. Maple says:

    That is a tough situation. Ninth graders are pretty immature and cruel, and a year’s age difference at your age is a very big deal.

    Can you hang out with kids your own age after school? They might not see you as so “different.” How about after-school activities with kids from ohter grades and other schools?

    Is there a teacher you really like and trust that you can talk to about your unhappiness. Teachers have seen it all before and might have some good ideas. And do let your parents know what’s happening. I know that at 14 it’s hard to talk to parents, but they need to know why you are so unhappy, even if they don’t have any solutions. You absolutely must not let the bullies know how much they bother you; bullies love the feeling of power it gives them to make somebody else utterly miserable.

    A change of school may be the only solution, but then you’re the new kid, and that’s rough, too. Sorry I don’t know any magical solutions…being 14 really sucks sometimes. Good luck – this, too, will pass.

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