What powers model rockets?

Question by tkp9999: What powers model rockets?
Is that an enjoyable hobby?

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Answer by Beth L
The smaller estes rockets use black powder.

The bigger ones (the ones you need level 1-3 certification) use amodium perculate (if I could even spell that right). The certication levels relate to the size of the “engine” you can use. You do not need certication for the small estes rockets.

It is an enjoyable hobby. You just need tons of patience and time. I used to do it but quit because I did not have the time between college and work.

Good luck and enjoy!

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Test stand for Estes rocket engines that produces data for a PC to graph.
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3 comments on “What powers model rockets?
  1. spraynwalls says:

    it certainly aint beans, for sure!

    no baby, it can be water, air, or solid disposable rocket engines, the last one able to launch a rocket 200 to 100 feet high.

    actually it doesn’t power a rocket, but a match and fuse or an electric wire does, depending on the rocket engine. look in walmart.

    water ones are actually powered by compressed air, pumped in to a water loaded rocket, which pushes the water out, creating thrust.

    you can make an air powered on out of 1 or 2 liter pop bottles, and some sched 40 pvc, a gate valve, and inline pressure meter. these work with or without water. shoots teh bottles about 100 feet or so. when using with water, trigger man gets soaked

  2. William A says:

    You will buy motors that are A B C D etc. A is the smallest motor. I have spent a lot of father and son time with my boys building them. Resist the urge to build tiny rockets with huge motors. I have lost a lot of rockets over the years. It is a heatbreaker to spend a weeks worth of freetime to see it dissapear from sight and never be seen again. If you enjoy building models building rockets is a blast. Estes makes a lot of easy to use rocket equipment.

  3. loopy_markvan says:

    Model rockets for starters would be powered by black powder motors by Estes or Quest. This is an AMAZING hobby that has provided hours of fun for myself and my family. I started in rocketry when I was in 4th grade or so, and built up until high school. I got back in to rocketry when I graduated from college and got married, and the hobby has grown quite a bit, with motors from small micro maxx sized, to huge 4″ diameter motors and beyond. There’s a ton of info on the web (check into sites like http://www.nar.org for more information), and you can easily spend days looking at rockets online. Find information on kits through sites like EMRR (www.rocketreviews.com), and see what’s out there!

    If you decide to pursue this hobby, I strongly recommend finding a club in your area (NAR will be a good resource for that). The flyers in the clubs are always more than willing to help a newcomer to the ranks, and will help you in any way, shape or form. Draw on their experience, and you’ll be off the ground in no time.

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