What patr of the space schuttle is green?

Question by Mr.bea: What patr of the space schuttle is green?

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Answer by stargazer
The only thing I could find was….the old computer displays of the cockpit were green…but have since been replaced with full color displays….nothing else I know of is green…..unless I missed something.

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This video tutorial shows how to take the 22mm Launch Tube from our recent tutorial (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3Dd1HZd7fg), and add a Clark Cable Tie R…
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13 comments on “What patr of the space schuttle is green?
  1. vasquez109 says:

    The bit of the cupboard the keep the salad in. Green cupboards for that, red for meat etc.

  2. Nash says:

    I dunno, the budget?

  3. jimlberto says:

    the vegetables for experiments

  4. laurahal42 says:

    There is something in the fridge nobody is quite sure about. 🙂

  5. USWaterRockets says:

    It depends on the ZIP tie you use. They all have different widths. The tutorial is made so that you don’t need to count or measure the number. You just spread them evenly around the pipe and when you have gone all the way around you are done! The number is not critical.

  6. noneofmynameswork1 says:

    about how many zip ties do you need to go all the way around the pipe

  7. noneofmynameswork1 says:

    I think I understand now…
    CABLE TIE LAUNCHER is a full tutorial,
    SPILT COLLAR LAUNCHER is also a full tutorial

    btw these are subheadings from your construction and tutorial page on your website

    And, to launch all of these you are using an air pump to pump in air?

    And which one should I build if I just want a small easy to make one?

  8. USWaterRockets says:

    Thank you for the very kind words! We appreciate the feedback.

  9. Vicente Garcia de Magalhães Junior says:

    The tutorial was very good, I’m sure that will help many people.

  10. USWaterRockets says:

    This design has worked in the 300PSI range, but you then need to use a stronger release cord because it gets very hard to move the collar down with that much force from the rocket trying to break free, which is spreading the cable ties. With pressures beyond that, you start to enter the realm where you need to calculate based on the strength of the ties times number of ties and the forces pulling the rocket up (area of nozzle * pressure). You will also need more hose clamps to prevent slipping.

  11. Raketfued says:

    Yes, the slow-motion looks very impressive!
    One last question: With how much pressure can you launch your cable-tie-rocket?

  12. USWaterRockets says:

    Thanks for the compliment! We had a lot of fun making this one (except for the launch test videos which were done when it was freezing cold outside)!

  13. Raketfued says:

    Great tutorial guys :))

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