What man made structures can be seen from the moon?

Question by Griffin: What man made structures can be seen from the moon?
except the Great Wall of China

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Answer by Yukio
guess that the Giza Pyramids as well with the Sphinx.Some densely populated areas might seem a bit greyish.
Have to go there and see first hand. LOL!

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2 comments on “What man made structures can be seen from the moon?
  1. maxfr8 says:

    No manmade structures on Earth can be seen with the unaided astronaut’s eye from the Moon.
    Any number of man-made structures can be seen from orbit around earth, provided we construe “structure” to mean “anything built.” Many of these are things that look like long, straight lines when seen from afar, such as highways, railroads, canals, and of course walls. If the orbit is low enough you can see even more. I have here a photo of Cape Canaveral taken during the Gemini V flight in which the big Launch Complex 39, used for the Apollo missions, is clearly visible. Another photo of the Nile delta, taken from a height of 100 miles, shows an extensive road network. Gemini V astronauts Gordon Cooper and Charles Conrad were able to spot, among other things, a special checkerboard pattern that had been laid out in Texas, a rocket-sled test in New Mexico, and the aircraft carrier that would later pick them up in the Atlantic, along with a destroyer trailing in its wake.

  2. achtung_heiss says:

    Assuming close proximity, the abandoned equipment from the Apollo missions is all manmade, structural, and visible from the moon (since that stuff is still on the moon).

    If you mean structures here on earth, then with sufficient magnification and cloudless skies, almost anything outside in daylight can be seen from the moon.

    With the unassisted human eye, however, no manmade structures on earth are visible from the moon.

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