what is the age limit to become a pilot ?

Question by Randy: what is the age limit to become a pilot ?
well i’m an aeroengineer , i failed some years in my engineering school but i was the top of my class last two years in college ,i had a great project , “high powered rocket ”
no i’m 27 and i wanna be a pilot,
is it too late ?
and is it a big problem when i apply for a job that i failed some years in my college ??
some friends told me if i become a head of my class on my aviation school it will compensate it
what do you guys think ,,,and please only pilots answer 🙂 thanks
yes i hold an aeronautical engineering degree,specialized in rockets propulsion systems ….
regards the country i’m from india and i don’t care i can work anywhere place is not a big problem for me

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Answer by Pilsner Man
I am not a pilot, but if I were you, I would let the pilots that you want answers from, know what country you live in. It makes a difference.

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20 comments on “what is the age limit to become a pilot ?
  1. Sean says:

    its a long way for you to be too late. The maximum age is 65. You failed at collage some years ago which would look quite bad on the application form but I strongly recommend you go to an aviation related collage this time. Have you heard of Embry Riddle? Its a hell of a good aviation collage. If you have that on your forms then your chances will be quite good. My mate said when he was in high school a girl wanted to become an airline pilot. Everyone thought it would never happen, several years later she graduated from embry riddle and became the first female pilot for united airlines, pretty good huh. http://www.erau.edu/
    You can get your pilots license here too. Good luck with becoming a pilot. Its going to be a very hard work but if you really want to become a pilot and you succeed it will definitely pay off

  2. JetDoc says:

    Nobody cares what kind of grades you got at an aviation school. They don’t even care what kind of grades you got in college, as long as you graduate and get a degree. If you want to be an airline pilot in the USA, you need a 4-year college degree (bachelor’s degree) in ANY discipline, and at least 1500 hours of flight experience, including multi engine and turbine time. If you don’t have that, you won’t find a job flying for an airline.

    Now, all you need is a way to pay for it.

  3. skipper747 says:

    Depending which country you are in, there could be age requirements and education requirements – We do not know if age 27 in your country, is within age limits –

    You can train in other countries, where there is no age limits or education minimums, but we are unable to answer if the pilot licence would be approved in your country –

    The word “college” as education means many different things –
    In some countries, “college” means same as high school” –
    Engineering is a degree obtained through institutions of higher learning –
    Do you have an aeronautical engineering degree…?

  4. ht Freerider says:

    There is no age limit to become a pilot..

    But if your looking to make a career out of it, The younger the better

  5. David Coffin says:

    wow that flew real nice good job building it, you should see my 4 inch wide 58 inch tall high powered crayon, its two banks put together to make one big rocket weight is right at 3 pounds tol, thats useing 1/4 inch oak ply wood for fins and centering rings, berch is better ply wood,

  6. 修聖 蘇 says:

    This is what motor? 😀 Thanks!

  7. max chu says:

    Is the no ex there to protect the parachute from the motor or the ejection charge

  8. max chu says:

    I would recommend using a figure eight follow through on the shock cord instead of a slipknot

  9. apogeerockets says:

    It depends which altimeter you get. Some altimeters can store data for multiple flights. See our web site for more details.

  10. unionrdr says:

    I just looked at their site,& they’re sold out of this particular one. It’s $133.45,but you’re getting what looks like a 4 foot rocket. I kinda like it. A lot bigger than the smaller ones I used to design as a teen. Only problem is,I’d have to find a huge clear area to launch it. I wonder if you have to download the info from the data loger to a laptop every time?

  11. bayonet5tree says:

    wtf did you just try to say….

  12. squadleader1966 says:

    Good stuff. Keep the information coming. Much Thanks.

  13. wendelxp9 says:

    hello I’m Brazilian and I wanted to see if you just sell the card you send to American and Brazil? state rondonia old port. or Mato Grosso, Cuiabá. and songs will all over the sending pro Brazil Huns that state? worth and good week

  14. Ashley Frankham says:

    where can you buy these kits and if so where

  15. Jonathondpereira says:

    how would you make it go even higher? more fuel?

  16. benja vj says:

    enseñar alguien a esta chica a acer nudos…

  17. klondyke6 says:

    Nice flight apart from the ignitor no-no and add a suggestion that the Double Figure of eight knot would be preferable to a slip knot as it is used in Rock climbing as a method of attaching yourself to the safety rope. Otherwise a brill series,well done Erin

  18. awsem1o1 says:

    Why is model Rocketry so fun?

  19. edwinshap1 says:

    +1 for level 1 dual deploy, i would’ve chased mine for a while before it came back from a mile up 😉

  20. David W says:

    Very nice video, however, having the igniter installed in the motor before the rocket is on the pad and vertical is a no-no.

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