What are UglyStik rod blanks made out of?

Question by Shipmaster Liam: What are UglyStik rod blanks made out of?
Are they just graphite, or are they composite? I know about the “Howald Double Building” process, but I can’t seem to figure out what that means… I assume it means it’s a composite, but am I wrong?

Please no sarcastic answers.

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Answer by paul z
It’s composite material

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2 comments on “What are UglyStik rod blanks made out of?
  1. Jowels Mcgee says:

    It’s composite material, which means they hire a consultant in solid state chemistry or materials engineering. The raw materials used are equally as important as the process of heating/cooling/drying the freshly cooked blanks.

  2. Grand Master Basser® says:

    No sarcastic answers? Awww… that takes all the fun out of it!

    Just to clarify, I HATE Ugly Stiks with a passion. But, I do know how they’re made, it’s not brain science OR rocket surgery…

    Ugly Stik rods are composite rods. They’re made from both graphite and fiberglass. The fiberglass core is wrapped with a layer of graphite up to a certain point in the rod, then it goes to solid fiberglass, usually starting several inches below the tip.

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