what are the best dreamcast multiplayer games?

Question by : what are the best dreamcast multiplayer games?
i am looking for fun multiplayer games that are not fighting games for the sega dreamcast. also am looking for relaxing games for the dreamcast. but mainly the best multiplayer.

thanks in advance

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Answer by Lexie
wth that is soo old

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4 comments on “what are the best dreamcast multiplayer games?
  1. Dajinxxx says:

    Marvel vs Capcom 2 is one of the best Multiplayer games ever i still play it on Dreamcast till this day. Also if you like sports all of the sega 2k sports games were fun and WORMS was a big hit.

    Warning!!! Marvel vs Capcom 2 on dreamcast costs more than the system itself be ready to shell out at least 50 for it.

  2. Liam says:

    Lets see.

    “Bomber man online”. Its like a puzzle/strategy type game where you have to think to win. Its alot of fun if you get others who are into it also.

    “Virtua tennis” never in my life would I have thought a tennis game could be fun but it looks great and the controls are smooth and nice to handle, its actually alot of fun.

    “Chu chu rocket” stupid title but a fun puzzle type game.

    “Toy commander” basically you run around in a giant sized world flying or driving toy based vehicles to do missions or just fight it out. Its a laid back action game but still fun.

    “Worms” the concept of a 2d strategy game based on feuding worms sounds stupid but its funny, intuitive and alot of fun.

    “Hydro thunder” Im not much for racing games either, especially racing games with boats but hydro thunder is so simplistic and its a blast to play with others.

    ‘Gauntlet legends” its basically a 3d version of the old gauntlet games. Its alot of hack and slash, magic spells type co op action but its fun.

    “Armada” is fun, its kind of like a action/rpg game of asteroids.

  3. dpicciotto says:

    These are the one I have that. Power Stone 2 is like a super smash. Sonic Shuffle is like Mario Party. Spawn is a a really good. Toy Commander is fun. Try to download Propeller Arena. Chu Chu rocket, any worms game. If you have enough money to burn then purchase Samba de Amigo with the marcas. Rainbow six Rogue spear, Unreal, Outtrigger, Army men Sarge’s Heros are some good FPS. House of Dead 2 with guns.

  4. brettf444 says:

    im gonna be an idiot and say firstt

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