We got him neutered but he doesn’t act like he is.?

Question by macdoyal: We got him neutered but he doesn’t act like he is.?
We have a 11 month old male cavalier who we had neutered a while back. Last night I went to a friends house who has a female cavalier mix who is not fixed. The two dogs played the whole time they met and is was great until, we were in the basement and suddenly my neutered male started mounting his female. Now they had been going back and forth all night with the play mounting but this was different cause he had her from behind and he was sporting a major “red rocket” for lack of a better term. He had trouble walking after I broke them up so i know this was totally different from anything i’d seen before. I thought getting him neutered was suppose to stop all that cause he humps is toys once and a while but it’s nothing like this. What do I do? Let them do it or stop them. I’m worried about them meeting again cause it might happen again.

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Answer by Kosmo’s owner
Was the female in heat? If so, then it’s still natural for him to mount the female dog because he can tell by her scent. Also your dog is still young therefore even though he’s been neutered and can no longer be a father, it doesn’t totally get rid of his urges. It only reduces them.

I have a 10 month old puppy that is not neutered yet that I had taken to a playtime with other puppies. All of the pups in the playtime were male but it didn’t stop one of them from mounting another. Our trainer said that this is also a dominating behavior. Sometimes it isn’t only sexual even though to us it looks as though it is.

So maybe your male was trying to tell the female that he’s the Alpha Dog.

I hope this helps!

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  1. Ilovecheese says:

    It is most likely that he is just trying to prove he is the dominant dog. My dog has been neutered for years, but he still does mount females when they first meet and they are playing. He also still gets “red rocket” from time to time, sometimes for no reason at all. I wouldn’t be too concerned!

  2. goggle341 says:

    Waste of a good firework:( jk

  3. TheSlayerman7 says:

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  4. allo421 says:

    no that was just the recovery

  5. Ross123Hooper says:

    someone with a voice that high pitched shouldn’t be playing with fire

  6. xTaraxVenezia says:

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