Trains in the 1930’s?

Question by Italiangirl976: Trains in the 1930’s?
I’m looking for something called Steamliners?? but I can’t find anything. Can anyone help?? and does anyone know who invented it? Thanks!

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Answer by Derail
I don’t know the name of the individuals who designed these locomotives. I want to say that they were designed by the Baldwin Locomotive Works after recommendations from from various railroads. The Southern Pacific, and New York Central were a couple lines that had streamline steam engines. They appeared in the 1940s and used until the 50s. I typed in “Southern Pacific Daylight steam” and got results. I’m sure you could do the same with “New York Central steam” and get results. Hopefully more responders will have more info for you.

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4 comments on “Trains in the 1930’s?
  1. silverbullet217 says:

    you need to spell it streamliner, below are some places to look.

  2. squeaky guinea pig says:

    In the UK there were 2 types of streamliners, the A4 class and the Princess Coronation class.

    In 1938 an A4 class locomotive ‘Mallard’ set a world speed record for a steam locomotive 126mph, which has never been broken.

  3. dc911ds19 says:

    In the USA Streamliners were trains that were designed by several railroads and manufacturers. The first Streamliners were the Chicago Burlington & Quincey’s (CB&Q) Pioneer Zephyr and Union Pacific’s (UP) M10000. These trains were articulated with each car sharing the “truck,” or group of wheelsets, with the next car. This made it difficult to size the trains for increased or decreased passenger loads or for repair of the individual cars.

    Streamliners also referred to the later trains made up of “lightweight” passenger cars built usually from Corton or Stainless Steel. These were the railroads premier trains that ran on fast schedules and first class amenities. They were usually name trains such as: NYC’s 20th Century Limited, UP’s “City of” trains, CB&Q’s “Zephyr” trains, Southern Pacific’s Daylight, Rock Island’s “Rocket” trains,Northern Pacific’s Mainstreeter, and GN’s Empire Builder.

    Several CB&Q Zephyr trainsets or trainset locomotives still exist. The Nebraska Zephyr is preserved and running at the Illinois Rail Museum in Union, IL. It’s sister trainset resides in Saudi Arabia, owned by a Prince there. A Zephyr locomotive each is on display at The National Transportation Museum in Kirkwood, MO and the Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, IL.

  4. fishtrucker says:

    The stream line form of design was a product of the “Art Deco” school of thought.In the depression all industry needed something” new”.The rail industry needed something to excite new life into the passenger train .In 1934, two new train sets were built . They were both diesel electrics. Light weight smooth,and sleek ,fast and modern.The Union Pacific introduced the “M10000” the Chicago Burlington and Quincy . introduced the “Pioneer Zephyr”.These two trains took America by storm.There was an overnight passion for the new stream lined trains. Chrysler marketed a line of automobiles , the “Airflow” design patterned from the M10000 design. Soon every major railway was designing there own streamline train set . The fast fix was to take existing locomotives and attach skirts and panels to hide the machinery. Three major industrial designers were responsible for the new stream line train sets..they were Raymond Loewy {pennsylvania ry} Henry Dreyfuss {new york central} and Otto Kuhler {milwaukee road/santa fe}. The stream line era would soon spread into all facets of life ..From toasters to radios, from bicycles to outboard motors , everything got the treatment.

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