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Quanzhou shoe “global order will be” model baked – Quanzhou, Fujian Province, shoes prices, ordering – footwear industries

Local sports brand ignited a new round of international expansion flames The recent news from the industry to find out, Fujian Peak Group Co., Ltd. is scheduled to be held in mid-autumn and winter product orders will be unprecedented apply

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Winter Health Wellness: Rheumatoid fear “Cold Wind” – winter health regimen – the pharmaceutical industries

Interviewed experts / Guangzhou Medicine University, Division of Rheumatology, First Affiliated Hospital Director Professor Lin Changsong Cold hit, cold wind whizzing. Patients with rheumatoid arthritis at this time the most painful, because the “Cold Wind” is the acute attack of

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Outstanding pharmaceutical manufacturers, the “six force model” – pharmaceutical companies – pharmaceutical industries

A pharmaceutical company was able to be successful, must have all sorts of factors and conditions, but the successful development of excellent pharmaceutical enterprises there are always some common and general law. This will affect the development of pharmaceutical company

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quot;Coal Iron City” Benxi transition “North Valley” – pharmaceutical industry – pharmaceutical industries

Only 33 km away from Shenyang, Benxi City, is the famous “city of iron and coal”, but after over a hundred years mining coal resources verge of extinction, later abbreviated to the steel city. Urgent need for economic restructuring, Benxi

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