Star City “Yasuharu Dragon” storm appliance stores launched new marketing – home appliance


2006 4 20, Wu Jialing shopping “Yasuharu Dragon” will be formally Kaimennake new home appliance supermarkets. By then, tens of thousands of


Electrical appliances at the same table auctions, all kinds of incentives for consumers Movable. It also proposed the “post times also,” “invited partner shopping”, “phone to talk about price, delivery to pay bills,” and other new ideas, no doubt brought to the people of Changsha new gospel.

“We will adopt a new marketing model.” Yasuharu Long Long Yao Lan electrical Leader said. He introduced a new type of home appliances supermarket many new initiatives, for example, supermarket


The home appliances market price can not be higher than the same price, the implementation of “ten times the difference”; Yasuharu Long Electric has launched the “phone to talk about price, delivery to pay bills,” the new initiative, also founder of “Xuan Long network”


“Online, a new storm,” “Shopping Festival invited partner” and other activities to facilitate the consumer … … than the consumer the most happy. “I heard ‘Yasuharu Dragon’ opening, I am happy, I last week and the district who come here to explore the way. Who do not want the nearest shopping? Yasuharu mall to cease operation, we really inconvenient to buy household appliances.” Opening Fu District, a consumer told reporters. It is understood, Yasuharu mall to suspend business, the Wu Jialing shopping district consumer electronics market appears blank, Yasuharu Long appliances solve this contradiction there.

Suppliers are very excited.

“Electric Dragon Yasuharu new model of marketing is very attractive, such as the settlement funds ‘are selling now end’ reasonable manner.”



Wu Bin, general manager of Hunan, told reporters. It is understood, Yasuharu Long Electric, founded by the news spread, brand appliances actively entered. “We are there for the consumer electronics market present many contradictions and take the protection of plants, commercial and consumer interests of all the measures, they are able to get factory, business, consumers in more than 95% of brands have been settled long Yasuharu electrical appliances, is evident. “Dragons Lan said.

It is reported that,

Appliance Retail

Industry, manufacturers and merchants sharp contradictions. Yasuharu Long electrical marketing model undoubtedly provides a solution that enables manufacturers combined into a community of interests, from confrontation to cooperation, for the appliance industry with a new idea. “In the Wu Jialing built appliance supermarkets have their reasons for development, Wu Jialing business district needs a home appliance


To meet consumer needs; addition, appliance suppliers concentrated in retail markets do not want to exist


, No new faces, the supplier is a stimulus, will get their degree of support. “Evaluation of a home appliance such marketing expert. At present, the channel changes under way in consumer electronics, home appliance chain franchise is becoming a trend, and increasing barriers to entry appliances retail, Yasuharu Long electrical marketing model can achieve the expected results, we will continue to pay attention.

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