Someone should tell the rich pigs in Washington ?

Question by Gary: Someone should tell the rich pigs in Washington ?
A war with Iran will mean that people like me won’t be able to start our cars after gas sky rockets.

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Answer by Pixie
do you think the left cares

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Real Ale Guide’s Build A Rocket Boys Craft Beer which is being launched by Elbow the band on the 13th October 2011 with Robinsons Brewery

I recommend these build a rocket products

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14 comments on “Someone should tell the rich pigs in Washington ?
  1. jaker says:

    That will happen anyway as soon as Iran develops a nuclear bomb.

  2. team says:

    The left will be thrilled. Not nearly as many people won’t be burning fossil fuels

  3. Leila Ferraz says:

    Oink Oink

  4. realaleguide says:

    I preferred their Unicorn to Elbow beer, but as you say there isnt much in the flavour just a very crisp refreshing beer, cheers Steve

  5. steven allsopp says:

    hi simon,i had a bootle of this 3 sundays was £1.80.i enjoyed it ,its definitly a session ale,and i found it to be very very crisp,but flavours wernt very strong etc.its not one i would bother with again,nor their unicorn ale which i found was poor.its like a middle of the road beer to me.cheers mate

  6. realaleguide says:

    Lovely beers Robinsons, I really like the Unicorn and the Old Tom range, cheers

  7. SuperInnertube says:

    Robinson’s Ales were a staple in Disley at The Ram’s Head where my Mum was raised, Maybe my first Ale was a Robinson’s Best Bitter. Sessioned them infinite times.

  8. John Vollmar says:

    Where can a Minnesotan get some of this. Checked on the Elbow site, and they want an incredible amount to ship it here. I just want so badly to try it! Must a man come to England? “Say it ain’t so!”

  9. realaleguide says:

    Absolutely a decent drink and very sessionable, glad you like it, cheers

  10. dante1983 says:

    It’s a nice, decent drink 🙂
    I bought 8 myself have been enjoying them!

  11. realaleguide says:

    Thats a great idea to be honest, but they are just kept as relics of their former selves for people to go and take a look at. If it was me I would repair them and put them to good use like you say. 🙂

  12. Dave Jenkins says:

    A little off topic comment to the review but I just thought of how many castles are in South Wales, by any chance do any of them get used for modern things? I just thought how cool it would be to see a brewery or a pub in an old castle. Not trying to take anything away from the historical value of them though.

  13. realaleguide says:

    Our tradition is to session 6 or 7 beers at a time, with a beer being too big in ABV you just couldnt manage it, cheers 🙂

  14. realaleguide says:

    Do you like Elbow Chad?? Cheers

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