roblox how to add guns?

Question by chinkymeister: roblox how to add guns?
how do i add guns in my place on roblox? i have an awesome arena but have no idea how to add any guns. like the machine gun, rocket, mines, bombs, iceshards and all that. do i need builders club and if i do i can get it so sstill tell me how even if i need builders club

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Answer by AllGoodThings1089
To add guns in Roblox, simply open Roblox Studio when creating your world, then go to “All Models” and type in what you want to use. Keep searching through “All Models” until you find what you’re looking for, or when you learn how to script you can create your own weapons.

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This is a scratch built Sidewinder style model rocket flying on a pair of Estes “E” motors. The flight is quite exciting and at one point, incredibly realist…

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18 comments on “roblox how to add guns?
  1. Aby N says:

    nice view up above

  2. John Norback says:

    still better than North Korea

  3. Jack Wade says:

    I accidentally cut a 240v cable in the garage next to my Laptop, But the page instantly changed I was older and my daughter as tall as I am!!!! AWESOME!!!!!
    I thought this was disabled years ago, but it’s still there!!!! DATA stored in the HALL EFFECT of electric lines jumps time
    Energy Equals Life dot com

  4. gjtoiw says:

    My estes 36 d squared did the same but suffered damage in the fall, the delay wasn’t long enough rocket was going too fast was a 2x D class with 3 sec delay .

  5. marcomovies97 says:

    lol. 5, 4, 3, 2, woosh XD
    nice flight by the way 🙂

  6. helipilot727 says:

    calculate CP and CG next time 🙂

  7. BlockySpheres says:

    What a useful tip… IM SURE that it will be much appreciated.

  8. Ziggenarko says:

    dont stop the clip in the middle of it whit “parachute detatch” and stuff…

  9. gabriela godinez says:

    so wat type of camera should i use

  10. ABbuggin says:

    Kinda hard to swing a nearly 6′ rocket in the air. It was a scratch build. While it never flew straight, it was a lot of fun to watch!

  11. drakethick1 says:

    Hmmm… amazing what a little flight stability test will tell you (if you do it!)
    All you need is a few feet of string and a place to safely swing the rocket afte you tie the string at the CG.
    If it swings smoothly, it will fly smoothly. If it swings crazy and changes attitude wildly, it will fly wildly.

  12. ABbuggin says:

    My friend did haha

  13. dominoboy1998 says:

    uhhh…you launched it at 2

  14. Icehog21 says:

    troll laugh near end

  15. bushstalker says:

    Awsome vid!

  16. TMRreloaded says:

    same here

  17. ABbuggin says:

    I made a parallel adapter (Simple Y harness) and used a car battery with the normal Estes ignitors. I have another rocket (triple cluster) and this method works perfect for it also.

  18. TheApana says:

    How’d you get 2 engines to ignite at once? I tried this so many times but my igniter wouldn’t allow me to. I even tried using a Car battery and still it didn’t ignite 🙁

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