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Local sports brand ignited a new round of international expansion flames

The recent news from the industry to find out, Fujian Peak Group Co., Ltd. is scheduled to be held in mid-autumn and winter product orders will be unprecedented apply “global order would” banner, in addition to invite dealers to attend the meeting, the also from the world’s four continents over 10 countries, more than 40 distributors and agents to the scene. Experts pointed out that the local sports brand order from the original “National” upgraded to “global” great breakthrough, marking the camp a new round of international expansion has ignited the flames.

Breakthrough: orders will be upgraded to “global” Zhi-Hua Xu, general manager of

Pick said: “We will order this fall and winter products will be named ‘the world order will be’, is based on the situation different from the previous order of the reason for the country. This time we invited dealers from around the world and agents in order to come to China. “

“Today, we have become the official NBA marketing partner, Bucks, Rockets official sponsor, to take this opportunity once again with this year’s Olympic Games to enhance their own to enhance the brand’s international strategic objectives, and through this large-scale new product release, and enhance the confidence of domestic and international distributors. “He said it has basically completed the Olympic Asia, Europe, South America, Oceania, most of the major national markets of the network rollout, and to take the marketing model and the domestic market basically the same, that each country has an agent, which agent is equivalent to the domestic provincial agents, business agent by each country for distribution in their country.

Implication, Pick choose to upgrade this year, product ordering, at least initially have to be taken into account two conditions: the global brand building and channel structure of the global.

As for how the global framework of specific channels, Zhi-Hua Xu to disclose some information: “We found in every country of the importer as a powerful agent, through their local product distribution channels then to two, 3 distributors.

Moreover, we also cooperate with many countries, retailers, product sales go directly to the terminal. with domestic operations in different ways, we do not open stores abroad. there are two main reasons, first of all foreign The different retail formats and domestic, the domestic retail formats seem rich, while abroad is relatively simple. In the United States, its only two types of retail formats, one is a professional chain stores such as professional sports, the shop has the brands, high-end products are retail terminal; the other is the supermarket, such as Wal-Mart, etc., are popular products in retail outlets. Secondly, to open stores abroad is costly, an annual general staff wages probably 20000? 30,000 U.S. dollars, which is nearly 20 million yuan, and high rentals. ”

Industry Background: The international initiatives occur repeatedly Pick

not only in recent years, Quanzhou many sports brands have begun to embark on the journey of international brands, or use of resources from overseas.

In an expanding market, Anta in Singapore to open stores, large shopping malls located in Russia Monopoly Office; 36 once to open stores in Myanmar; special steps are in Thailand, Malaysia set up shop.

In brand building, the ANTA Rockets and the NBA’s strategic partnership; Erke DPRK Olympic Committee, the special steps and Belarus Olympic Committee, Sport riding and Lithuania Olympic Committee, Lu You and Olympic Committee of Tajikistan marriage.

Special steps with the United States Walt Disney to launch Disney Sports (Disney-sport) family of products, enter the domestic market; former South Korean president Jinzheng Zhu Rong Chemical Co., Ltd. as collaborators, a Philharmonic Group Sanming General Manager of the new industrial zone subsidiaries.

Expert view: usher in the second phase of international expansion

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