Q&A: will a chevy 350 engine bolt onto an 83 buick riviera front wheel drive transmission?

Question by zdurb345: will a chevy 350 engine bolt onto an 83 buick riviera front wheel drive transmission?
the motor that is currently in the car is a buick 307

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Answer by douglas z
It might. But irregardless, you have to make careful measurements anyway. So just do that, then you will know for sure.

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22 comments on “Q&A: will a chevy 350 engine bolt onto an 83 buick riviera front wheel drive transmission?
  1. dirtdevil215 says:

    yep !! sure will it a Chevrolet they all match up just look around for mounting option’s , they put four cylinder’s in Camaro’s so why not what you are wanting to do ??

  2. vwhobo says:

    That’ll be a big negatory Ghostrider. The 307 in yours (and all) ’83 Rivieras has the BOP (Buick, Olds, Pontiac) bellhousing bolt pattern. The SBC obviously has a Chevy bellhousing bolt pattern. You may be able to do it with an adapter, but I’m not aware of one readily available.

    It would be easier, cheaper and faster to just upgrade it to a Buick 350. Any conversion parts you may need will be available in the junkyard. Just bolt it in and go.

  3. xXxLolerTypxXx says:

    Does that also work with AN?

  4. Anton Terkin says:

    Did the corn syrup but will burn more slowly most times it is only sorbitol
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  5. Appalling68 says:

    Why is that amazing?

  6. Appalling68 says:

    Part II of post: Could you give me your thoughts on this? Can I contact you
    directly at your email? ¿Prefieres hablar en Español? Gracias.

  7. Eirik Nelvik says:

    Yes, it will work even better. I have tried glucose, and it worked
    perfectly :))

  8. turbotonic27 says:

    will glucose work instead of karo >?

  9. Alessandro Siletto says:

    Nide video. Some year ago i was doing this but without water at all, and
    using very finely powdered sugar (confectioners’ sugar). I did that outdoor
    because if that thing start to burn in a kitchen all the house will be full
    of smoke 🙂

  10. jacktheripped says:

    …rocket fuel on the kitchen stove…anyone else see anything wrong with

  11. 691lucian says:

    Its amazing how alot of people have access to kno3 tf!

  12. antiswattt3 says:

    i accidentally like.. took 2 spoons, i soon realised one of them was a left
    handed spoon, now it wontstop burning

  13. Herrero says:

    hahahahaha! epic

  14. kodiakfishaboy says:

    Holy cow!!! Whatever you do, DON’T use a left-handed spoon for making R
    candy, they have a tendency to explode when contacted with potassium
    nitrate. ALWAYS use a right-handed spoon. (I almost lost a limb once when
    using a left handed spoon so there is a real danger when using different
    spoon types)

  15. TheXlpacmanxl says:

    Wouldnt you also be able to do this without water at a semi low
    temperature…Ive seen a couple other videos like that but they dont use
    water…Is it optional?

  16. Capn Waaba says:

    Hey Bro, Wana Put a Download Link for your data sheet in the description?

  17. David Verrier says:

    your mums gonna be so fucking mad

  18. Thebuilderofthings1 says:

    I use a mid term spoon along with my opti-grab glasses, haven’t missed a
    damn thing.

  19. Phạm Tiến Lộc says:

    I know you can give some information about you is not rocket’s length …..
    .. pipe radius width .. .. rocket body weight .. how long .. how pots
    radius. length of the engine .. how much .. how much radius … and your
    rocket engines have much moisture … sorry for my english is not good

  20. Herrero says:

    I´m afraid you might have to use it yes, although experimental rocketry is
    all about trying, try to make a motor without it!

  21. Paerguzati Kahaer says:

    was that too much water?

  22. Саня Трололо says:

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