Q&A: What’s the best toy for women?

Question by Kaitlyn: What’s the best toy for women?
I’m looking for something semi-cheap and worth my money. What brands and models are your favorite?

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Answer by PETA
Scrabble is fun but anyone can play. Only Hasbro makes it but you can get different boards, etc. Its pretty cheap.

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See the worlds Largest model rocket launch into the clear blue sky. The rocket is a model of a Saturn V the rocket that sent man to the MoonThe Rocket is 36 …

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25 comments on “Q&A: What’s the best toy for women?
  1. Amy says:

    I’ve had many many toys of all different types over the years. I’ve spent as much as $ 80 on them but the one I have now is my fav by a long shot!


    It’s just $ 15 and uses 2 AAA batteries that last for a reasonable amount of time. 3 speeds that are everything you could ever want. Part of the thing I don’t like about a lot of toys is that the dildo portion is to big and it hurts. This has enough that I can feel it inside me but it doesn’t ever hurt and the butterfly fluttering on my clit sends me thru the roof. It’s amazing!

  2. Key Player says:

    message me i will tell u

  3. TheEditor says:

    Hit Amazon and you will find lots of sub $ 20 options. A small “pocket Rocket” is very popular and it is about the size of a lipstick.

    I bought a small “g spot” vibrator that is small, about the size of a pen-light that my wife loves. It does not really do anything from the inside but running the curved part around the outside always gets a positive reaction.

    A site that used to contain reviews of all the vibrators and toys is the Good Vibrations website. It is run by women in San Francisco so go do some research.

  4. epsyuma says:

    Very impressive thrust at takeoff! What type motor was used?

  5. XxTotalEpicDudexX says:

    That’s a high-powered rocket, not model rocket.
    Big difference.

  6. iRoxproductions says:

    …well that’s not saying much because this is pretty amazing… A lawn dart is more successful than North Korea.

  7. scarz1951 says:


  8. Brady Gates says:

    dat ass

  9. F22DarkRaptor says:

    Nice, now they need to make a 2 or even 3 stage booster !!! :p

  10. cubsrock10997 says:

    roughly 40 feet tall

  11. artao5 says:

    Nice rocket!! but “world’s largest” is rather debateable … look up 1/16 scale N1 or 1/5 scale Delta. =D

  12. MrYazza29 says:

    Now, the guy who made it should work on a Soyuz rocket the same size

  13. KrazyKommieKiller says:

    Rocket goes up and the burning wreckage of a commercial airliner comes down.

  14. MrMrzach911 says:


  15. rzampol1993 says:

    this is not model rocket this is Surface-to-air missile ! 😀

  16. sargeanb says:


  17. Madnessonman says:

    Man, how tall is that thing to look that big from back here?

  18. Brandon Vance says:

    I would have said “NUUUUKKEE!!!”

  19. legoarmydude says:

    …more successful than North Korea’s

  20. TheNeonRabbit says:

    I always thought it was weird calling them “model” rockets. I mean, it’s either a rocket or it isn’t.

  21. and4money4 says:

    the annoying kid ruined the whole video.

  22. matt coffey says:


  23. wisocraft says:

    thats no model thats just purely a rocket

  24. Matthew Moores says:

    A WOCKET!!!!!!

  25. Brian Rainey says:

    The little girl stole the show!

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