Q&A: What kind of Atv is the best?

Question by Joseph DeLong: What kind of Atv is the best?

Utilliy 4 wheeler.
Utility 4 wheeler

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Answer by allan2uall
ATV?? Yes I know it means “all terrain vehicle” but you must be more specific. Ask for an atv for a specific use, such as trail riding, or snow trail riding, or mud riding (lots of fun but verrrry messy lol!) You can buy 2 wheel atv’s or 3 wheel or 4 wheel or 5 wheel or 6 or 8, or no wheel (track vehicle).
If you could pick up this months “Popular Science” they have a prototype one track “crotch rocket” that is called an atv.
If you live in a wide open area (or have access to such) you can buy an old army vehicle with all wheel drive or tracks. (such as an old 2 1/2 ton truck or maybe an old armored personnel carrier)
But, to get back to your question, Honda is a good one so is Yamaha, Polaris, Kawasaki, even John Deere puts out an atv.
Go to your local atv dealers and ask for their books and pampletts. Study those and then find riders in your area to ask their opinions. Go to a mechanic who works on atv’s and ask him about problems with the different models . In other words study study study (prob not what you want to hear : )
ALWAYS WEAR PROTECTIVE GEAR —- Helmet, gloves, boots and shinguards , and in certain areas chest plates/guard
Remember, You may have a hard head but it is not as hard as that tree branch you are ridding under or the rock you may climb!!

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P-MODEL 1996 Album:Rocket Shoot.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

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9 comments on “Q&A: What kind of Atv is the best?
  1. CHHine says:

    The kind that will not roll on top of u!! lol

  2. bullseye 7117 says:

    need more info on what you want to use it for example..do you want to go fast?or pull heavy loads? i ride a 700 sp .Polaris if i was going to buy another one it would be a 500 HO Polaris

  3. 平沢唯月 says:

    いろんな感情を捨てたい人へ P-MODEL Rocket Shoot – YouTube
    P-MODEL Rocket Shoot

  4. Tomas Sykora says:

    I think this version is better than the album one.

  5. shzindenPL says:

    never heard first version of rocket shoot. both are totally awesome!

  6. JaneEyreZombieHunter says:

    Do you have Ashu-On (the boxed set of P-Model’s works), or did you get
    these albums individually? I don’t want to go for Ashu-On because of
    cost…but I’m loving P-Model more and more!

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