Q&A: what can i take/eat to get me in ”the mood”?

Question by mannasmom: what can i take/eat to get me in ”the mood”?
Im never in the mood anymore, are there any foods or over the counter meds i can take or my husband can take to get in the mood?

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Answer by Tomb Raider
They do say that oysters are an aphrodisiac.Myself I love them raw or eating the smoked kind in a can with some cheese and Ritz crackers.Asparagus and bananas also help they have chemicals in them as well as chocolate and truffles.Hope this helps you out.

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10 comments on “Q&A: what can i take/eat to get me in ”the mood”?
  1. *Varsity2011* says:

    I read that the smell of pepperoni pizza can get a man aroused..try that….it worked for my cousinn one time…Idon’tt know if he was just really happy before they ate it or what but it did her some good later on that night…because now she is expecting twins

  2. Cherie says:

    oysters, chocolate, strawberries. My friend tried the pink pill on ann summers once and she said it worked

  3. K C says:

    Have you looked into possible reasons why you aren’t in the mood.

    Generally, you shouldn’t have to eat anything to get in “the mood.”

    Have you recently gained weight? Do you not like your body? Are you under stress? Are you tired? Are you and you partner fighting?

    All of these can contribute to a lack of sex drive. Talk to a sex therapist and find out what the cause is, because naturally, you shouldn’t have to eat anything to get you in the mood.

    So quit trying to eat something, and work on solving the problem that’s causing you to not want to have sex.

  4. WizzBang75 says:

    @ JJ…the electric match is on the next tutorial…#6.

  5. JJ Goh says:

    Thanks bro! I hope u can gvme some info! I going to fire next year schools ceremony. May I know how you make the electric Match?

  6. WizzBang75 says:

    @ JJ…I have not yet done a tutorial on ejection. Ran out of time but with any luck, I will have a tutorial on ejection system in two weeks. Winter is finally over here, so I am working on a 2 stage booster recovery system.

  7. JJ Goh says:

    I couldn’t find how you make the delay grain and how you places in to the tube and attach to cone para… Which episode? I couldn’t find.. How you push the parachute out? Thanks!

  8. michaelfski says:

    Thanks for the reply. I have never made fuel before, but I may have to give it a try.

  9. WizzBang75 says:

    I choose BATES grains over the single inhibited grain for the sole reason that BATES grains give you a much better boost off of the pad than one single grain. I have used both…so my choice is preference, only.

  10. michaelfski says:

    Is there a reason that you used 4 fuel grains rather then one large one?

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