Q&A: What are the main uses for rockets?

Question by Chicken Wings: What are the main uses for rockets?
Im writing a book and need this info?

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Answer by Bolshevik Spaceman
Space Travel and missilery.

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16 comments on “Q&A: What are the main uses for rockets?
  1. Mark V says:

    Launching payloads into orbit, further launching things out into space and points beyond, they’re used on US military transport aircraft (the aging ones) as JATO (Jet Assisted Take-Off – which is really Rocket, not Jet, but it was coined in the Jet Age, when everything was “jet”) to get an aircraft into the sky carrying a heavier payload than it could normally lift, and of course, in all sorts of military applications on the battlefield, from anti-tank rockets to long-range area-denial rockets, to nuclear-tipped ICBMs and SLBMs. Air to air and surface to air missiles are rockets. Fireworks are not rockets – they’re mortars, which are very different (of course, you can get those 2′ long “Chinese Rockets” on July 4, but that’s about it).

    The first supersonic aircraft were rocket-propelled, not jet propelled. Chuck Yeager’s Bell X-1 was a two stage rocket.

    Rockets are used by hobbyists (from small to the 100,000 foot altitude kind), and I’ve even seen some people in… I think it was Colorado who study lightning by launching a rocket into a thunder cloud, with a copper wire trailing back to its launch pad, which directs a bolt of lightning into a predictable area and spot.

    Basically though, in the large vie, rockets are either something having to do with space, or something having to do with blowing something up. I’ve tried very hard, and I can’t think of any common use outside of model rocketry that has anything peaceful to do with rockets.

  2. The-MorpheuX says:

    Fireworks, war and space exploration. Yes, we use more rockets celebrating 4th of July, New Year and Disney World’s Parade than bombing terrorists and launching spacecrafts.

  3. stomp919 says:

    This video rules and im only on the second rocket! The Wizard is a old friend!

  4. khankidsvideos says:

    NO, 100 stars

  5. liftoffrocketryclub says:

    i liked the saturn v and the pencil.

  6. k00k00ification says:

    I’ve seen quite a few rocketry videos on youtube. Based on the music selection and overall production quality this is the best if not in the top 5 for its genre on youtube. I was (just) old enough to remember the Apollo program and it impacted my childhood well after the program ended.  “Fanfare” was a great choice for the Saturn V footage on many levels. Every time I watch this I feel a yearning for this country “light [that] fire one more time…and witness this great nation at its best.”

  7. DragonFanDelta says:

    I like the pencil rocket

  8. JOSHUA CHAVEZ says:


  9. superotherguy1 says:

    Saturn V should have had 5 engines =/

  10. 777MMT says:

    any one see the pencil rocket? wouldn’t want to be under that sharped pencil wen it come’s down XD

  11. meanwolfe101 says:

    i like the tiny tower

  12. ItsOnlyRocketScience says:

    I like…

  13. redeckrull says:

    nice vid

  14. 12andrewrules says:

    launching one today looks fun is it fun

  15. kirren97 says:

    how do u make the fuel?

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