Q&A: how come you don’t see the winners or any of the girls from “americas next to model” on modeling ads?

Question by preggo&luvinit: how come you don’t see the winners or any of the girls from “americas next to model” on modeling ads?
the winners face should be all over at least some things…right?

or what about the other girls that were on the show?

what happens to all these reality show girls?

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Answer by Beef
the first winner ruined it for everyone the one married to the brady.

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9 comments on “Q&A: how come you don’t see the winners or any of the girls from “americas next to model” on modeling ads?
  1. ModerndayMadman says:

    They get hooked on coke and eventually dissipate into the atmosphere when they weigh 0.

  2. pattywakcrab says:

    I don’t see them because I am not a fasion mag or advertising junkie.

  3. edikachef says:

    ohh i’ve seen ticara [who didnt win thoughh]
    and i’ve seen uhmm i forgot her name..eva maybe??
    she’s black with light brown short hair..

    but yeah i see them in modeling ads outside of stores and in magazines…

  4. Linda B says:

    Unlike American Idol contestants, who pretty much all get a record deal, the Top Models lack a major component to actually get a job. Where at least in singing one has to be able to memorize words – These poor model hopefuls sadly cannot even remember their own names regularly.

    And some go to jail for stealing a fax machine from the candy store.

  5. Deb says:

    Modeling, believe it or not, isn’t really that big here in America. Models are needed where fashions are made, and well, that’s not here! Paris, Milan and Japan are a few big places for models, to name a few. Models are needed for the runway. Some models start in other countries as runway models and work their way to America. Just because they won in a TV show doesn’t mean that the big time Modeling Agencies want them.

  6. A L says:

    Because the show is a joke. It’s a stupid show that takes girls that are quite honestly not very good looking at all(which means the want to be reassured that they aren’t completely horrid looking). They all the emotional issues that make for “good TV”. The show exists to make money for Tyra Banks and that ridiculous entourage full of transsexuals and mentally challenged jerks. It’s a medium to exploit the low self esteem that many females already have in order to make a few dollars.

  7. Rawlyn says:

    Oh come one! Those shows are made to make money for TV companies, not to make careers for anyone. I’m sure the TV company that made it has made a tidy profit. As for the girls, I guess they’re told to go home and get on with life. Why would anyone do anything else with them? They’ve had their fifteen minutes of fame, time to move on.

  8. Lexi says:

    Danielle atill continues to ads
    and Eva has done some video modeling and had some guest appearances on tv shows such as the Game

  9. lala says:

    they do runway modeling more than anything..magazine ads are rare..pure catwalk..

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