Q&A: Converting CC’s to Miles Per Hour?

Question by Steven R: Converting CC’s to Miles Per Hour?
I was curious if there was any way to convert cc’s to horse power/ miles per hour? or if you could just give me the the speed of 250cc, 500cc, and 600 cc
Well that’s why I am asking really, I’m getting my motorcycle license in less then a month, and my parents are concerned about the speed of “crotch rockets” as they call them. I was looking at Kawasaki Ninja’s really, but I’m open to any beginning bike ideas

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Answer by Ben
Haha, it would be good.
It depends on alot of things, tuning, whether its a 2 stroke or 4 diesel or petrol and even how heavy you are, so no there is no way to convert.
If you tell me what bike or what ever you are looking at i could probably give you a fair guess as to how fast it will go.

If your looking at a ninja then i suggest you wait till you have you licence and then ask for a test ride, you will be more than surprized quite how easily something as small as a 125 pulls away and for a first bike 250cc is probably more than enough.
(This next bit is ment as honest truth and not to be rude) If you didnt know that capacity cant be converted into MPH then I suggest you dont go for any thing over a 250. You also need to thing about the 33bhp limit you will get for 2 years after you pass, that will limit you to around 100 miles and hour, and 0-60 in 6 seconds’ish which when your hanging on to handle bars rocketing past a car is fairly scary, if not frightening.

Edit: didnt realise that you were American, yes probably best to go for something bigger than a 250 because you wont have that top end, in the UK you will rarely exceed 60 on most country roads in normal riding.

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7 comments on “Q&A: Converting CC’s to Miles Per Hour?
  1. Otis says:

    It depends more on the gear ratio rather than the displacement.

  2. The Shadow Knows says:

    no , there is no way
    miles per hour depends on such factors as power to weight ratio, gearing, road elevation ( hills and such ), rolling resistance and horspower and torque numbers
    a 250cc Ninja does 93 miles per hour top speed for instance, and a 250cc dirtbike will get maybe 60 to 70 MPH as a top speed
    also a bike like the cbr600rr has a top speed in the 145 MPH range but a 1200cc Harley Sportster in only 100 MPH or so
    a lot of factors at work here

  3. psychokreame says:

    600 ninjas can go very fast, they’re designed to, that’s all your parents need to know lol, but bikes are fast, when you make them fast. all 600’s will reach 100mph easily, its up to you to not do that unless your on a race track, or want to come off at some point.

    go for a 600 though… they’re good first bikes if your confident enough to ride it safely

  4. no says:

    If your talking about top speed..It’d be

    250: 90-100 mph
    500: 120-130 mph
    600: 150-160 mph
    1000: 180-190 mph

    to the best of my knowledge, I’ve never ridden anything smaller than a 600 so I wouldn’t know the details; but 600’s (RR’s) do 70 in first gear and 1000’s do 100 in first gear.

  5. Ralph 124c41 says:

    There is no conversion. A 50 cc Aprilla will do an honest 70 mph. A decent 250, like the Ninja, is faster than a lot of cruisers with more than a liter of displacement.
    Three good beginner bikes are the Ninja 250, the Suzuki SV-650, and the Buell Blast. It depends on your taste (and your insurance company – check with them before buying).
    Save enough for a good helmet and suit (or at least a jacket). Don’t forget gloves and boots.
    Drive sanely. Defensive driving takes on a whole new meaning when you’re the littlest guy on the block.
    And NEVER, EVER drink and ride.
    Anytime you’re out late, call your parents and let them know you’re ok.
    Keep your big brain in gear whenever the bike isn’t in neutral.

  6. YZF750R says:

    As far as “crotch rockets” or sportbikes go, a 600cc is a starter sportbike. There are a few 600s that are not so high strung, that would be suitable to learn on.

    Toned down sportbikes:
    1. YZF600R (not the R6)
    2. ZZR600 (not the ZX-6)
    3. FZ600R
    4. F2, F3, F4 Honda 600s
    5. GSX600 Katana (laughing stock of sportbikes) A.K.A. Can-O-Tuna
    6. Daytona Triumph 600

    Regular sportbikes:
    1. GSX/R 600
    2. YZF R6
    3. ZX-6R
    4. CBR 600RR

    Go used, and take it easy. Take a class. Learn how to drive a manual transmission car first so you’ll have a good practice of the clutch to throttle relationship.

    You’ll be kicking yourself in 3 months if you get a 250. I’ve never seen one in real life. the only place it’s mentioned is the internet and overseas. It’s a scooter with cute plastic.

  7. Tiny651 says:

    you really can’t do that do to gearing

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