Nikon lens confusion, as usual!?

Question by BANANA: Nikon lens confusion, as usual!?
OK, I have got a lot of advice here, and most of it has been helpful, but I read a question here that increased my confusion factor. I own a Nikon D40 and use the “kit” (18-55 mm) I was thinking of getting a 18-105 mm as a upgraded, walking around, every day lens. The question was about the 18-105 and every response was derogatory about the quality of this lens, yet the reviews all seemed positive. Should I look into a two lens set( 18-55 mm VR and 55-200 mm VR) or is the 18-105 mm ( also VR) the quality item I had thought? Is this just all opinions or are there facts to back up these questions/statements?
Again, your help is appreciated!

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Answer by TheDigitalPhotographer

2 of my friends have 18-105mm on their D90. They are very happy with it, especially because, even tho it’s a zoom, it still has great quality. Of course it would be better using 2 different lenses, but for normal prints and viewing on monitor it’s ok. Really, it is a good lens and it has VR so that’s another plus.

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8 comments on “Nikon lens confusion, as usual!?
  1. Crim Liar says:

    If you are buying two lenses it defeats the purpose of an everyday “walk-around”lens. You’d do far better with an 18-200mm VR lens. I can guess what the comments are, as lenses with such a wide range of focal lengths tend not to be so great as those with a shorter range, but it means just carrying the lens on the camera and nothing more. Note this is a generalization that applies to almost all makes, not just Nikon.

    It’s why I have 10-20mm, 18-200mm, a 24-75mm, and 70-300mm in my bag (and a few more lenses too) in my bag.

  2. Eclipse says:

    Make your own decisions but, try a better, unbiased source of reviews. Checkout and look at the reviews section. This is a congregation of real world photographers and people who actually own Canon and Nikon lenses. In making your own decision, you should also handle the lens in person to see if you are satisfied with the build quality as well as shooting test shots to see if the price is justfiable in your opinion. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure this out.

    Your original kit lens costs less than $ 200. The 18-105mm costs over $ 300. So if, in your opinion, the 18-105mm doesn’t seem to be at least, if not better built than you kit lens, the value of the lens become questionable. And if the test images don’t seem to be at least as sharp and devoid of distortion as your kit lens at the same focal lengths and apertures, once again, the value of the lens is in question. On the other hand, if the lens satisfies you in these regards, that’s really all that matters.

    For what it’s worth, a professional may or may not feel such a lens meets his/her standards and in turn, they may not offer a positive review. I personally have never shot that lens because I don’t use the Nikon system at this time. What I can tell you is that as a general purpose or walk around lens, you MAY get more utility out of the 18-105mm specifically because it offers a wider zoom range that extends further into the telephoto range than your original kit lens. Personaly, that additional utility alone wouldn’t be sufficient to justify the purchase of the lens if I don’t already have a solid telephoto lens such as the 55-200mm with nearly twice the “reach.” But that’s just my opinion based on how I use my camera. Again, you’ve got to make your own call.

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