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In the past when people buy jewelry, the most worried about how expensive the price is often not, but worried about value for money. With certificate of authenticity for the jewelry has become a reassurance that people are eating, but again be exposed before the jewelry certificate of authenticity is made of fake certificate vendors, so that consumer interests are not protected. Starting from June 1, new jewelry certificate of authenticity will be examined and jewelry consumers can check the seating arrangement provides far.

Five new certificate changes According to the Hong Kong Trade Development Council recently released a survey report, the next few years, China’s mainland will become the world’s leading jewelry consumer market. The face of an increasingly important market, jewelry, jewelry industry and consumers on the authenticity of the certificate identified the functions and ease of use put forward higher requirements. Precisely in order to meet market demand, the State Quality Supervision and Inspection Center jade jewelry (NGTC, hereinafter referred to as the “National Inspection Center”) and the China Insurance Association Gem Testing Center formally merged, the two sides in the June 1 launch of new version of gem identification certificate.

Jewelery as the only national quality inspection agency, the responsible State Inspection Center, Chang sail to reporters, compared with the old version of the certificate, the new certificate and certification body jewelery over by the State Quality Supervision and Inspection Center and the Po Co Gem Testing Center laboratory combined the two cards, in addition to the same time keep the original paper certificates, new certificates new certificates and bare mid-range folding drilling small 4C grading certificates to correspond to the different grades of jewelry and different test requirements; certification body logo from the “CNAL” adjusted “CNAS”; another new version of the cover is lined Zhuanti certificate “evidence” and the words in different colors in different types of certificates.

Consumers through the Internet, mobile phone text messages and telephone inquiries certificate of authenticity of the three channels. Prior to launch new version of the old version of the certificate and the certificate has the same legal effect, and long-term effective.

Escort new certificate for the jewelry

Reporter recently visited several jewelry sales shop, found that most of the mall are not for the jewelry to wear new “identity card”, is still a certificate of authenticity with the old version of jade jewelry sales in the market. State Inspection Center relevant person in charge, said in an interview, the National Testing Center does not restrict businesses or individuals in the June 1 to replace all the rights of new certificate and the certificate because the old version and new version of the certificate has the same legal effect, to make a separate new version of the certificate required to pay a certain fee, estimated to businesses or individuals in a short time to apply for new certificates will not. New certificate can not be ignored but also the older version of the superiority of the certificate, the certificate as additional levels and new methods of security, so in the past that fake certificates false identification difficult for a living. Jade jewelry industry to face the rapid development of new certificates will eventually replace the old version of the certificate.

According to insiders, past, made a number of international accreditation body jewelery appraisal certificate being fake in the Asian market situation, the domestic market now is mainly found in counterfeit copy the real certificate, identification certificate, but only a certificate corresponding to a product. Products such as gold coins, issued the same number of products, manufacturers in order to save costs, only do an authentication certificate, other products are copies of the certificate, which is in fact cheating the consumer, but there are a lot of anti-copy version of the certificate line, another one is “NGTC” miniature letters coherent. If the manufacturers copying or printing, scanning, then straight line becomes disconnected, the line has miniature letters can not see any letters, and so consumers can easily identify its authenticity.

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