If Israel and Palestine made peace would israel be able to?

Question by Canadian Aussie: If Israel and Palestine made peace would israel be able to?
build more cities? if the threat of daily rockets was gone they would be able to build cities closer to the border. i hear they have no been able to do construct near the Gazan or West Bank border
Diego. i completely forgot about that. its like with Lebanon. many countries think that was the right decision. Lebanon wasnt doing anything about their terrorists so Israel went and wiped them out
Sameer. thats just an excuse. i bet after there is peace, some of them will still fire rockets out of their hatred of jews

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Answer by diego
that’s one of the mayor suspicions of Israel (and the eternal excuse for Israel right party intransigency).
For this any future final agreement will have to include the recognition by palestinians of the final borders of Israel.
After that agreement, any act like the rockets will be counted as an act of war and will give Israel
the international right to attack the future palestine country (no matter if it will be from Hamas or other palestinian faction).

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16 comments on “If Israel and Palestine made peace would israel be able to?
  1. lexmlo says:

    Once Palestinians have their rights there won’t be anymore “rockets”
    You talk about these “rockets” like they’re real weapons,the truth is Palestinians are the ones who should have security concerns as “Israeli” rockets kill Palestinian children..while Hamas’s “rockets” cause panic.

    It’s simple and clear who should be concerned about their security,just compare numbers of causalities.

  2. ishnichmad says:

    israel doesn’t need anyones permission to build within its borders and we refuse to be restricted by threats.i live 8 kilometers from gaza in a beautiful city called ashcelon.
    from my house i can count seven giant cranes building luxury apartments.
    the same is going on in most citys here.
    israel is the most effervescent country in the world.
    it just keeps getting better!

  3. trancinguy says:

    To answer you, absence or availability of peace will never make a difference because Zionists want to control all the area from the Nile to the Euphrates and they are assisted by the Banks.

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