I want to make a model of something, what should I use? What do I use to make the mold?

Question by ♥!~M3IM3I~!♥: I want to make a model of something, what should I use? What do I use to make the mold?
I was thinking liquid acrylic or resin or something. I need to be able to paint it. And for the mold, I was thinking maybe casting resin or mold making silicone? Where would I buy these things? Any websites you could link me to? Thanks!

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Answer by Bart Hennin
If you like modeling things and want something fun and unique one exciting thing comes to mind…Model Rocketry!

Model rocketry is the hobby of building and flying model rockets. They can go anywhere from several hundred to several thousand feet in altitude at speeds upwards of 300 mph! Most hobby stores have these models for sale. Estes and Quest are the 2 main suppliers of model rocket related kits and items.

As you gain experience with the hobby, you can even create your own model rocket designs rather than building the pre-made kits. There are computer programs to help you design, predict the flight characteristics of your models.

Google “model rocketry” for a TON of sites and clubs that will have all the info you need.

Also visit your local library or bookstore and get your hands on the book called Handbook of Model Rocketry, by G. Harry Stine …this is the bible of model rocketry.

To look at a great site immediately and get tons of info on how to start, go to http://www.apogeerockets.com/

Explore the links and the site but be sure to click on “downloads” and select “video: getting started in rocketry”

Hope this helps, let me know what you think!

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2nd vid of shooting em off. please rate this vid!!! I will answer any questions in the comments thanks for watching!

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3 comments on “I want to make a model of something, what should I use? What do I use to make the mold?
  1. Diane B. says:

    There are lots of things you can use to make molds form and a lot of things you can cast in those molds. Since you didn’t say what type and size of thing you have in mind, I’ll suggest a couple of materials (all paintable):

    Make Molds From:
    …polymer clay (then bake)
    …2-pt silicone putties

    Casting Materials (paintable):
    …polymer clay (press in, then remove and bake)
    …any kind of clay (including air dry clays…press in and remove or let dry in mold)
    …many things can be cast into silicone putties once they cure, and many left in because nothing much sticks to silicone and it can take a lot of heat if needed

    If you want to check out a lot of info about those ideas and materials plus more I didn’t mention, look on this page of my site:
    And if you’re interested in resins, look here:
    And if you use polymer clay and want to paint it:
    http://glassattic.com/polymer/paints.htm (start with Preparing The Clay)

    If you want to make large items though, you’ll probably want to check out the paint-on-layers type of latex molding stuff, etc.

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