How futile are building “castles in the air” ?

Question by EvelynMine: How futile are building “castles in the air” ?

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Answer by Dragon
Pretty futile -think of the suspension system you’d have to use & where you’d have to anchor it. That’s why they’re called “castles in the air”.

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2 comments on “How futile are building “castles in the air” ?
  1. Regwah says:

    ooh! A castle question, that makes me feel better, thanks Evelyn 🙂
    Well science is working on it.
    They feel they could build towers into space.
    They would begin by lowering a cable from a space station orbiting in unison with the rotation of the earth.
    So it is literally building from the sky down.
    We could take an elevator into space & travel from there, avoiding the cost of fueling rockets to escape our atmosphere.

  2. kathwar says:

    lol Regwah… I like buiding sand castles.. so I will keep buiding like Bob the…and hope no one jumps on it…lol.. it will look pretty..

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