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51 Holidays Home Appliances Nuggets 1 billion market

TV Air conditioning Still the main “51” appliance stores rich variety of popular promotional opening season preparing for 51 appliance stores play the “service” concept to New Year’s popular fashion brand appliance features into the mainstream (Photos) easily more than tens of thousands of dollars of door refrigerator , high definition television and other high-end household appliances cause for concern, but there are not poor sales of consumer recognition of the problem??

High-end appliances, “Music High” and the widowed

Into the dazzling array of home appliances shopping mall, various well-known brand’s entire product line dress appearance, especially those stylish, functional and even looks a little ahead of elegant high-end home appliance products of particular concern. The reporter learned that many high-end appliances are listed on even poor sales presence has long been recognized by consumers has never been the problem, currently on the market there are many high-end consumer appliances bottleneck.

Price high above the threshold is too high

Many consumers think, first of all means high-end appliances, this is the case. Reporter found that some high-end products, high prices of some “outrageous.” Essential to family

Refrigerator Example, the current mainstream general price about 2,000 yuan to 3,000 yuan, 1,000 yuan cheaper can buy, but some high-end refrigerators, the price is easily thousands or even tens of thousands dollars. If a domestic brand, a luxury multi-door large refrigerator, with the reduced price is still up to 24,000 yuan, while another import brand of luxury in a refrigerator, it is sold for 36,000 yuan, equivalent to more than 10 the price of an ordinary refrigerator sum.

Then being fashionable

Flat Panel TV Example, the general specifications of products can be bought up and down as long as 7,000 yuan, and some main Full HD, ultra-thin high-end models such as the concept of fashion, will have to sell around 20,000 yuan. In addition, home theater, air conditioning,

Washing machine And other home appliances, high-end products, prices are equally lofty.

“High function” is not practical

Expensive to many consumers in addition to “shut out”, some high-end appliances labeled “high-end functions” are often not accepted, because many consumers think that the functions of high-end appliances excess, is not practical. Mr. Sun’s high-end consumer home refrigerator is an example. Mr. Sun told reporters, this refrigerator features with the Internet, he bought since the new trial once when, after and have not used, the refrigerator, “bar”, “cold drinks” and other functions, is also very little need them. Another consumer spends more than 3,000 yuan to buy a high-grade

Rice cooker , The so-called “reserve”, “menu”, “bake cake” and other trendy features, almost useless ever been to; also a consumer’s home of “streaming media” TV, with direct broadcast data storage card photos high-end features, but according to his description of consumers, since most will be bought back later to spend two or three times over. Many consumers have expressed similar experiences, think about when to pay for these high-grade functions of money, really is not worth.

Appliance consumption is still mainly skill-based

In fact, the majority of consumer products for household appliances long-standing concept of consumption is “in” high-end home appliance products sell well in one of the reasons. After reporters interviewed many consumers understand that most consumers when buying household appliances, regard the “practical”, “easy”, “durability” as well as “affordable” placed in front of other elements, while some businesses spend great efforts to build The “luxury”, “luxury”, “honorable” and so on, not all consumers are “buying it.” It is understood, including some strong spending power of customers, but also tend to spend money on the overall performance of appliances and environmental performance. City imported washing machines in a home appliance store, a brand sales staff told reporters interview, the brand’s two most popular models are in the water, electricity, to highlight the environment-friendly products, while the other two main shell material, the appearance of shape and color of high-end fashion models, sales of the significantly worse. Consumer attitudes and habits to a large extent affects the actual purchase behavior.

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