can a short person ride a sport motorcycle?

Question by BallinBebe: can a short person ride a sport motorcycle?
im soon to be 19 yrs old, petite girl. im only 4’10” i really want to ride a crotch rocket. ive been looking at a Kawasaki Ninja 250 since some people say thats a good bike for short people. i wanna kno how low i can get it lowered to fit me or if theres any other bike that would be good for me. i dont want a cruiser or anything else. please help!!

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Answer by itybtytityluvr
ABSOLUTELY! There is no reason you cant ride anything up thru a hyabusa but they can only be lowered so much. If you are passionate about riding and are comfortable on 2 wheels(some people cant ride a bicycle) then jump on and go.
The 250 ninja is a great little STARTER bike but dont rule out a Buell Blast, it may not look like a crotch rocket but,,,,,, they sit low and are a HOOT to ride especially in the curves!

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More info at This is Steve Eve’s 36ft 1600lb 1/10 scale “miniature” Saturn V rocket launch earlier today, commemorating the 40th an…

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  1. Tech01 says:

    Many bikes (both factory and aftermarket) have solutions that can lower the overall saddle height and/or the suspension height for smaller riders. While Japanese bikes aren’t as forgiving, many bikes from Aprilia, MZ, Ducati, BMW and Triumph have tons of options that can get you a lower saddle height while keeping a good structure on a bike. The trick is to find a bike that can fit your inseam and your reach while still being controllable.

    That being said, the Ninja 250 is an excellent 250 class bike (in reference to the newest style) with plenty of innovation, but Aprilia has a 250 that is also top notch. I don’t know if they’re available in the US, but it’s worth a look.

    But, the biggest factor is that if you haven’t ridden a bike yet, then you SHOULD start with perhaps a Honda Nighthawk 250, Rebel, Suzuki TU250 or a Ninja 250. Sure, they might not be as cool, but before you start dumping in tons of money on a “crotch rocket”, actually try riding first. You may find out (like many who do) that just because the sport bike looks cool doesn’t mean they’re actually good bikes to ride. Custom work to lower a bike’s ride height or saddle can add thousands to a bike, and even finding a bike with adjustable suspension that will fit your height while retaining the ride quality can easily go over $ 10k in some models. So, best to get miles under your belt before you buy into a machine

  2. ymmot ton says:

    Nope. Short persons got no reason to be riding motorcycles. Sorry.
    You gotta be this tall to ride this ride.

  3. GNTT1 says:

    That was large!!!!!!!!

  4. Thebuilderofthings1 says:

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  5. SalveCrossbones says:

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  6. peter good says:

    4:50 is it just me or it’s a onboard camera???

  7. Jack Wade says:

    I accidentally cut a 240v cable in the garage next to my Laptop, But the page instantly changed I was older and my daughter as tall as I am!!!! AWESOME!!!!!
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  8. Ryan Maurer says:

    They were in compliance… the “way-away pads” are 2500ft from the launch control officer…

  9. dcs002 says:

    Extraordinary rocket, launch, and camera work! I love it that I could see every phase of the flight clearly! Any estimate of maximum altitude?

    I wish they had placed stationary cameras all around at launch to get those dramatic, slow motion, NASA-like shots they got of the original Saturn V. Awesome work though, by any measure. You did a great job tracking it after launch!

  10. avengd7fold4life says:

    i actually met Steve Eve’s up in Bong Wisconsin earlier this year in august and he had this rocket out and on display and it was amazing. great job!

  11. se7ensnakes says:

    I think that the x wing fighter that attacked and destroyed the death star were more advance design. but i could sit on my design table and come up with a design thats just looks cool. We are, after all, talking about MODEL rockets and as far as designs goes the sky is the limit.

  12. simon says says:

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  13. simon says says:

    outdated? You mean there are other updated launch vehicles that have put humans on the moon? What, praytell, has outdated this in regard to simplicity, safety, effectiveness, efficency and cost?

  14. Andrew Macrae says:

    and obviously you’re not an English major.

  15. waswestkan says:

    Probably feeding a troll but NASA rocket places items in space. While great this is an up than down again model of a NASA rocket, and does only that.

  16. kerimil says:

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  17. Tim Bowers says:


    How many people were in this rocket?

    Obviously your NOT a rocket scientist

  18. chippppp9000 says:

    Why the f*** are we not funding this ? we spend millions on nasa just so they can build this but these amateurs did the same thing and just i don’t see know difference

  19. maxa1727 says:

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