Are the 190E models worth it?

Question by Steve: Are the 190E models worth it?
I have always loved the compact looks of the 190 E model and have always thought of buying a 2.6 model when I have the money. The only thing is it seems like the 190E seems to be swept under the rug in people’s collective memory of the brand for some reason. I see more 240 and 300Ds on the streets that are at least a decade older than most 190E’s so was there some bad omen about the 190E that makes them not as loved as other old Benzes?
Oh, good. I want to get an ’87 model or later because they started putting the 2.6 6 cyl in them from ’87 until the end in ’93

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Answer by M K
My wife drives a 1984 190E and she doesn’t want another car! She loves it.
This 23(!) year old car still runs and looks great (but I always took good care of it – oil changes, all services were done on time, etc.) We never had any serious problems with it.
It’s a neat little car. Go for it, but, as with any used car, have it checked by a trusted Mercedes mechanic before you buy. If a seller doesn’t want you to take the car to YOUR mechanic, you do not want to buy this car.

I agree with Jay, a 4-cylinder 190E is not very fast, but what about a 2.3 190E 16-valve? This one is a “pocket rocket” and it’s still a 190E…

As for 190E being the worst Mercedes ever built, maybe it is, but a worst Mercedes is better than the best Ford (my own opinion based on being an owner of an 84′ 190E, which still runs strong and has been a very reliable car.)

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11 comments on “Are the 190E models worth it?
  1. ahmedaytona says:

    Of course not
    it is considered the worst mercedes ever made , and this is not me speaking , the ppl that made it said that , it was produced for a commercial reason ( just like the porsche made the 924 ) , but it really tarnished the great mercedes image

  2. jay_d_skinner says:

    I have a 240, which I consider to be a very reliable car. In my opinion the 190 does not have fastest enough get away when passing vehicles on the road.
    I have also had a 500 and a 560, which are really the nice for long road trips, but use too much gas.

  3. probbiep11 says:

    yes my dad wint 1

  4. HappyNow... says:

    If you find a clean one, that has not been passed from hand-to-hand(try to get a first owner), then you will have the car forever. Best to find a 1-owner, who has driven the car an average of 5000 miles per year(trust me, if you are persistent, you WILL find a car like this). Lot’s of rich people(the one who could only afford MBZ) drive very little, so scope around.

    My first benz was a 2.3L 1992 190E, and it shocked me how solid, comfortable, and well put together the cars is. MBZ cannot afford to build this anymore.

    I traded after 3 years to a 300CE(W124, with the DOHC version of your engine). Found it from a 1-owner, at 81K, for $ 8500. The car is ASTOUNDING!!

    A 1-owner, low mile vesion of the 2.6L 190E will be about $ 4500-7000, but man, what a car for the $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $ $

  5. nigelshiftright says:

    Not Benz’s best effort the 190E. Yes, the 2.6 is better. You really want to stay away from the 2.3 unless it were a 16-valve model. The 190E 2.3 is a BAD car….really BAD…..head gasket problems, fuel delivery problems, radio problems, climate control problems.

  6. Brian Seiter says:

    estes cox :D

  7. IrixGuy says:

    @mybff86 thanks! I added link in video description. I purchased this from Amazon.

  8. mybff86 says:

    Could you give the link to the materials

  9. IrixGuy says:

    @funnystuff4545454545 Cool man! Check out my launch vid I launched one with a B and the other with a C.

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