Are people aware the Palestinians use anti-personnel munition?

Question by Merc: Are people aware the Palestinians use anti-personnel munition?
Some anti-Israel people here claim the Palestinians don’t target civilians with their rockets but shoot “at random”. Others also add that these rockets are just “fireworks”. A Palestinian official even claimed “these rockets do not have explosive heads”.[1]

There’s a little problem with this “humane rockets” story: the rocket warheads used by the Palestinians contain not just explosives. It’s what called an “anti-personnel” munition: it contains many small metal fragments that are released with the explosion and are SPECIFICALLY INTENDED to maximize the harm to humans.

These fragments are effectively small sharp bullets –bearing high kinetic energy by the explosion– and can penetrate human tissue easily.

Here are some pictures of Israeli houses damaged by rockets:

You can clearly see the effect of the fragments on the walls.

The Palestinians use metal fragments in their “usual” man-delivered bombs as well. The recent bomb in the Tel Aviv bus (21-November) too contained metal fragments (such improvised bombs usually contain nails, screws, etc. More professional bombs (as in their rockets) contains metal balls, sharp arrows, chopped steel pieces, etc. BTW, in the pictures you see the fragments concentrated in a disc shape: professional warheads are designed to spread them perpendicular to the rocket body in order to make them more lethal: that’s where people are likely to be found.)

The Palestinians could use warheads without fragments (or remove them), but they choose not to. In the past Hamas used rockets without these fragments in order to increase the rockets range (by decreasing their weight), but now with their ever improving rockets they don’t have to.

[1] (seek to position 00:52; Unfortunately she was not corrected by the anchor.)
@DMT blurted: “Palestinians use these to target Israeli soldiers like the one they killed on the border”

No, these rockets aren’t used, and can’t be used, to target soldiers on the border. Rockets have (near) ballistic trajectories and aren’t suitable for short ranges. For “soldiers on the border” one uses weapon that’s aimed in straight line (or mortar).

@DMT blurted: “All rockets and missiles are aimed at Israeli military based only”

Have you ever watched the news? Or are you inventing your reality yourself?

@DMT blurted: “Israel places it’s army bases next to cities”

Gosh, I feel as if I was dropped into “Alice in Wonderland on Acid”.

@DMT blurted: “Hamas only shoots rockets from open areas”

Hamas never shoots from open areas. There are plenty of proofs:

Best answer:

Answer by † Jesus Saves †
Palestinians have the audacity to use their babies as human shields. Do they not respect life?

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  1. Meow1978 says:

    The Palestinians are a mythological nation descended from criminals kicked out of other Arab countries.

    Israel has a God given right to defend itself against the Palestinian terrorists.

  2. Dennis Sagt says:

    I wasn’t aware of it, but I’m not surprised. I suppose they use whatever they can obtain.

  3. Fila Magnus says:

    Yes, because Israel is so bloody innocent.

    White phosphorus bombs? Oh yes, it certainly is necessary!


  4. Fackin Naggers says:

    8th grade and that motherfucker’s got a beard?!

  5. BigfootFanMTM says:

    Man, now I regret not doing science club at my high school. We were going
    to shoot off rockets, but I didn’t want to do it. But now that I saw this,
    sign me up next year.

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    HILARIOUS!!!! By the way i LOVE the music. Def Leppard frickin ROCKS =D

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    john would win

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    @TheJARhead1995 Hi John!

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    @markuswrc26 that would have been so awesome!

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    You were about to see your teacher’s death hahaha xD

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